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Ic3y Mag started out of a social media class project back in 2017. Having the task to create an online blog, classmates Coralie Daigneault and Mathieu Parent decided to pursue the project out of school to offer new content to their community. Studying Music Business Administration at the time, they knew Quebec needed a new media that was more inclusive and addressed to a new generation, owned by young creatives.

From this moment, Ic3y became the voice of many artists from Montreal and elsewhere by hosting written and video interviews showcasing the core of their work. Yes, it's a damn challenging project because being more inclusive means addressing our content to both English and French communities under the same roof. We're not here to hide anyone because of their language, period.

Adapting to the way our audience consumes such content, Ic3y's vision relates to social media content on Youtube, Instagram and Tiktok by sharing interviews, concert photography and music-related articles.

On this day, we are still an independent media and looking forward to keep it this way. 


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