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  • Mathieu Parent

1 Year of Ic3y Mag

A year ago Ic3y Mag started as a place to write a blog post for one of our classes in school. I didn’t really think about how much time, effort or what I wanted to do with this platform that we (Mathieu and I) had created.

In a year we posted about 50 interviews which were done by amazing collaborators from Toronto and myself. I met so many different types of artists who each have something to bring to the music industry to make it better. I shot and saw many more concerts than I had ever expected and bands that I never thought I’d ever see perform.

One of the things I wanted to come through with this blog is the inclusion of small/local bands. Everybody starts somewhere and if you have the chance to support art, whether its serious or just for fun, if its good it should be celebrated and shared with whoever is willing to see and hear it.

Running a music blog from Montreal has been sort of a privilege. So many amazing bands play smaller venues when they come on tour and to be able to capture those intimate moments and share them with others who might’ve never heard of that artist or who are massive fans, its all about experiencing the music together. Having Ic3y Mag created and brought me so many great opportunities and I have so grateful for that.

Thank you to everyone who have been supporting and enjoying the content we all create. Thank you to all the amazing artists who let me pick their brains about their music and take photos of their shows. Thank you for giving this platform a chance and I can't wait to share more music with all of you!

Music is a big part of my life and the more you get into going to concerts, talking to bands and people around, you realize there is so much music and artists to discover. It’s overwhelming. For Ic3y, I found that certain artists I listen to represent an aspect of the blog. I created a playlist for each artist with my favourite songs to share a part of me, I guess, with whoever browses Ic3y Mag.

COIN is a band I would go see a billion times and never get tired of their songs. Their music and shows are lighthearted and fun, dance-y and for however long it lasts, it's a sense of relief and comfort. I wanted to share their music because they are the side of music where you are a fan and you dance and scream your heart out with friends at the live shows. It's the feeling of excitement and energy from when the lights go off till they come back on when the show is over. Going to a concert and being a proper fan of the artist and its music is such a big part of what Ic3y Mag is about; you love music, you love the artist and that’s it.

HAIM are some of the coolest, strongest and most inspiring women ever at the moment in the music industry. Ever since Days Are Gone was released they made me want to be in a girl band so badly. Their musical abilities and originality is impressive and simply brilliant. Alana, Este and Danielle bring the sass and power in an industry where women are often overlooked. They are so inclusive and supportive which is what i’m trying do with the blog. Its all about using your platform for the right reasons and using it to share and spread positivity and greatness.

RON GALLO is my ‘coup de coeur’ from this past year. Thirty seconds into Young Lady You’re Scaring Me off his debut album HEAVY META and I was in love. Once in a while you listen to something and you’re not sure why but its the greatest thing you’ve ever heard, that was me with Ron’s album. Then Really Nice Guys was released which is just the funniest and most clever writing anyone could’ve released right now. His kind of joker and nonchalant attitude is something music lacks, like just have fun with it! You need to have fun and truly enjoy what you're doing with and his music reminded me of that.

LORDE is a queen. Her music is so true to herself and life. She’s so young, aware and active in what she does; whether it's standing up or supporting a cause and other artists, she does it with such grace and intelligence. Its easy to say that myself and many other people have lived through and with all of her songs. Lorde’s writing and way of doing things is such an inspiration and a friend. I can’t even describe why or how but she just radiates confidence and coolness as she’s going through the same things all of us young adults are going through. I made a playlist with her songs because Ic3y is built by young people and viewed by them as well. We’re all just kids trying to make it in our own ways and Lorde’s music reassures you that we all find our way.

OASIS - just over a year ago I only knew Wonderwall and Champagne Supernova. Getting into Oasis was quite progressive, it took me a while to fully immerse in their music but i’m glad I did. A big part of Montreal is the local music scene that is filled with rock bands and after going to many shows and speaking with a few bands from here and Toronto, one band kept coming up and who was a clear inspiration for them was Oasis. All these boys in bands made me discover this classic and it made me understand music from their perspectives. This Oasis playlist really represents Ic3y’s somewhat implication and total respect for the music all those boys in bands create.


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