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  • Mathieu Parent

Maggie Rogers at the Corona Theatre

It isn't a good concert without a well chosen opener and boy did JIL open that show. The New York group had their Montreal debut performing a collection of electro, synth, r&b inspired songs at the Corona Theatre. With a frontman like Julian who carries an effortless note, matching jumpsuits and the feeling of being hypnotized when watching the group of four perform created just the right atmosphere.

Maggie Rogers is one of those female artists you wish you could be or wish you were best friends with. Her genuine desire to be on stage and perform her songs makes her authentic persona even more real. Humble as ever from the great reception our Montreal crowd gave her, she delivered an energetic and captivating performance. From opening with Color Song and letting down her bun, she unleashed a story and energy that carried out throughout the whole night. She shared with us her EP, along with a few songs that aren't released yet and that hold important meanings. She proved that she can use her voice as an artist to share what she stands for. Maggie’s stage presence, her amazing outfit and of course her smooth vocals, she is showing us who she is set out to be as an honest and dedicated artist.

The Corona Theatre was her biggest show to date. Maggie definitely has bigger shows coming her way. Pharrell Williams was right in believing in her talent, and you all should too!

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