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  • Emma Robinson

Within Waves Release Show

The Kents took the stage at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto for their EP release show. Within Waves, the second EP to be released by the band, is composed of five tracks. The Lindsay Ontario based band had their first experience playing a sold out show, and the energy from an excited audience literally packed the venue. Staying true to their evolution from mellow indie pop to rock, they played a mix of both old and new music. The progress the band has made in establishing a unique sound was evident as they switched between their classic soft pop ballads to bass heavy rock choruses from Within Waves.

Staying consistent with the Canadian sound, their performance felt as though you had walked into their garage during band practice- four passionate musicians who make up both a band and a close friend group. The homegrown, authentic, and passionate experience that can be expected when attending a show held by Canadian musicians was upheld by The Kents. The EP has a cohesive feel, from the cover painted by their friend, Robyn Scott- to the order of the songs that tell a story of their style evolution combined with the engaging and poetic lyrics. The crowd, already singing along to the upbeat choruses like Caroline (I Can’t Explain), cheered with excitement as the band began playing the opening chords to Dreams by Fleetwood Mac. Warren Frank, the lead singer, took the place of Stevie Nicks to front the iconic song. There wasn’t a person in the crowd who wasn’t singing or dancing, further increasing the level of excitement that could be felt throughout the venue. The Kents, with their passionate performance and personable stage presence, are well on their way to becoming another Canadian classic.

Photos by: Emma Robinson

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