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  • Mathieu Parent

Ragers are back with ''ZAC''

Ragers are constantly in the creative process and actively producing new content. After the recent release of ''Raw Footage'' who got out last June, the Montreal group is already offering us a new catchy track. These guys just do not stop.

The interesting concept of the new rhythmic song ''ZAC'' refers to the flaws of the internet as self promotion, memes or people who creates a vision of them through social networks.

The music video directed by Xavier Cantin-Lemieux (@maisonbaldman) features members of the group with a humorous side that is well known about them.

We are proud of this local Urban-electro / hip-hop band who by their determined talent deserve to be known around the world.

If you missed their performance at our ''Ic3y Mag presents: SO:LO'' event last September, stay tuned for their next show announcement.

The Zac Efron part at the end tho. Wow.

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