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  • Mathieu Parent

Music Video Premiere: “Insta Story” by J4DE

A new pop sensation has arrived in Montreal. J4DE, musician and actor who just released his second single “To the Next” with already over 10K streams. In the era of ​​social networks, J4DE expresses himself in a summer ballad to talk about the feeling of being left out by this phenomenon.

Known for his role in the Netflix Original Shadowhunters, Jade is also pursuing his dreams by creating music. Love Letter to a Fandom is the name of the EP due to be released this fall. It's dedicated to his fans and those of Shadowhunters because they really changed his life, said Jade. While waiting for it, here is how the artist describes his vision for the music video:

“Alex James and I had the idea to create a video that completely contrasts the mood of the song.

When I wrote Insta Story, I wanted it to reflect the interpersonal relationships that we experience through social media, what isn’t said, the instagram “filters” and the digital scene. My voice masked by “auto-tune”, almost metallic sounding, represents this electronic aspect, this illusion of sincerity that exists through the social media platforms.

For the video, Alex offered the idea to go about it from a totally different angle, by exploring a pre-internet world, a world where videos are projected on screens and exist only on film. With an old cinema look. I think it works perfectly, a marriage of opposites that merges seamlessly. I love it. In my head, the song has always belonged to the night.”

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