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  • Mathieu Parent

Exclusive Single Premiere: Emma Beko “Alma” (feat. Karelle Tremblay)

Emma Beko, also known for her participation in the female rap group Heartstreets, unveils today her third single following Waves and Demo, which have already crossed the 150,000 plays on streaming platforms.

In this new ballad, Emma approaches a very personal and touching context linked to the story between her sister Alma and herself. This love song written for Alma tells the story of how lucky they may have been to meet for the first time only two years ago. Struggling with the emotions and the reaction of such an encounter, Emma quickly understood that this song represented the love she had for her sister, no matter what time had always separated them. Talking to Emma, ​​she said, "I wrote this song in a less beautiful time, it felt good. This is my love letter to Alma. " The Quebec rapper also lost an uncle of lung cancer around the same time, so she wrote a few lines for him as well.

"Family love is the strongest, tenemos el mismo sangre as my father would say."

For this sensitive song, Emma decided to collaborate with her close friends to create this meaningful piece. In addition to working with her friend and producer Beaugeste (Jean-Phillipe Lefrançois), she collaborates for the very first time with her friend Karelle Tremblay, a young Quebec actress. It is also her real start as a singer using her full name on a song. The two friends wanted to collaborate together for a long time already and the connection between the friendship between the three artists is a very strong one Emma told us.

For Emma, ​​the release of this song also means something of importance to her. After having wondered for a long time about the choice of the third single, she came to the following conclusion. “As a female rapper in Quebec, I have had many obstacles to overcome in the past 10 years to be taken seriously. We feel a little obliged to show men in the industry that we are tough, it helps our credibility and helps us "earn" respect. This song represents for me the conscious choice that I have made to show my vulnerable side and to take pride in it. We all have that side whether we are female, male, non-binary and it feels good to confront it. I am tough, I am owed respect, I have been doing this job for 10 years and yes I am still able to be gentle. No more self-censorship to be taken seriously in the world of hip-hop as a woman. ”

The music video is set to be released next week. By then, you can stream ''Alma'' on every streaming platform.

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