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  • Ayden Miller

A Chat With: Lo Moon

Hailing from Los Angeles is 3 piece indie rock band Lo Moon. With the recent release of their self entitled debut album, the band has took to the road for the first of what we hope will be many North American headlining tours! We chatted with lead singer and head-songwriter Matt Lowell ahead of their show on April 3rd at The Drake Hotel in Toronto.

The debut album has finally arrived and you’re now out on your first North American headlining tour. What’s it like knowing that fans from all over NA and beyond are coming out to YOUR shows and singing along to your songs?

It’s amazing! We are so happy to see people accepting and living with the record. It’s been amazing to see people singing along! Most bands have somewhat of a catalogue of work before releasing their debut album. For example (EPs/Demos) How were you able to build up your following without releasing any material until 2016 and how did the band come together in LA?

I think there was a nice reaction to the music and the band got out there and played live. It was always about putting out a debut record and trying to avoid EPS. I’m really happy that we were able to lead with an album. How was Lo Moon discovered by Columbia Records?

A demo of loveless found its way to the right person over there. That song peaked their interest and from there I shared more material. They trusted our vision and shared the same goals! It takes patience to work on a band like us and we needed a partner that understood and trusted the process. You guys have been sporting custom jackets pre-show this tour... Can you tell us where the idea for this came from and why these jackets aren’t available at the merch table?

The idea came from having Team jackets. I love the idea of treating the band like a team, that’s what it really is. So having team jackets seemed like the logical thing to do. Sam and Santa made them for us and we WILL sell them at the merch table one day!

Matt, I hear you’re a New York Islanders fan. John Tavares will become a free agent at the end of this NHL season. How heart-broken would you be to see him end up playing for another city such as Toronto?

I can see it happening to be honest. He wants to win a cup, and why not do it in Toronto. The isles will offer him absolutely everything we can, I hope he believes we can win it soon, if he doesn’t he will definitely end up somewhere else this summer!

The world of streaming has made discovering artists such an easy thing to do. Do you often check Spotify / Apple Music stats to see where people are listening from?

I don’t really pay attention to that! I know there are other people on the team that do. It is amazing to see people listening from all over the world!

To follow up on question 6, do you think you might release more music within the this year to help push the debut album even more?

I would LOVE that and we plan on it!

Since the new year has began you guys have released your debut LP, played on the Jimmy Kimmel show + The late show with James Corden and are basically booked until the end of May. Will there be any down time or will this summer be a busy one?

We’ll have some time in the studio this summer and we’ll continue to tour in support of the album throughout the year.


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