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  • Nicolas Lacasse

A Dive into Mayfly's HIDEAWAY Album Launch

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

A short performance, but O’ so magnificent and poignant. This is how the launch of the second chapter of HIDEAWAY by Mayfly sums up. The Phi Center was packed to hear and experience the world of the Sherbrooke duo. Ic3y Mag went to meet them after the show.


“I can’t even explain the feeling honestly, it’s a relief, it was a cathartic moment. It’s just magical, I’m proud of us,” expressed Charlie Kunce-Belhadj, member of the duo.

By the time 8:00 p.m. rolled around, the crowd was packed into the room and knew the next hour was going to be magical. Accompanied by four violinists and Zachary Grenier on percussion, Mayfly wandered between the first volume (released in January 2023) and the second of HIDEAWAY – which was revealed to us almost two weeks ago.

“We’ve been working on the launch for about five months. It was a lot of trial and error," says Emma Cochrane, the other half. "We didn't want people to come to our show and think they listened to the same version on Spotify. We wanted the crowd to have the experience of a show. It was to do justice to our music.”

“We were wondering, ‘this sounds good in the studio, how are we going to replicate that live?'. We are instinctive about music. We are very self-taught. But when it’s time to play live, it’s less instinctive for us. For example, the parts that we wrote for the violinists were not really what they are used to performing, so we must go by feeling at times,” adds Charlie.

Interspersed with hugs and congratulations from those close to them, Emma and Charlie explain to us that the show went as planned in terms of technique and sound. However, after viewing a short video showing the creative process behind the song “BALLADE,” the duo had to wait a few seconds for the crowd to stop chatting – a real lack of respect.


Let's live

Nowadays, taking photos or videos during shows has become a habit- I am guilty. Whether for our personal memories or to share them on social networks afterwards, it has become a must-do.

Mayfly gave us a message, almost a warning, to stop trying to impress our friends or followers on social networks, and to live in the present moment. During an unreleased song, Emma and Charlie grabbed their phones and jumped into the crowd to film the attentive eyes of the spectators. A striking moment, but which leaves a moral.

“Yes, it’s shocking, that’s the goal,” says Charlie. "Obviously, we are expected to be filmed, but the song is a critique to those who want to impress others by showing the best version of themselves. At the end of the day, if everyone is doing this, who do you want to impress? We just wanted to tell people to live their lives without wanting to be someone else.”


A few moments later, hearts were celebrating as they heard the first notes of “Passenger Seats”. “It’s my song!” exclaimed a woman in the room. Then, Emma and Charlie ended their performance with the piece “Would You Be Scared If I Said I Love You” (unreleased) in an acoustic version.

The female duo is flying to France for a showcase show at the MaMa Music & Convention festival in Paris on October 11. They will then head to Switzerland for a few months to write new songs. A promising future for Mayfly.


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