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  • Mathieu Parent

Angus and Julia Stone bring the Snow

A Tuesday night could not have been spent in a more lovely way other than at this Angus and Julia Stone concert. The Montreal crowd welcomed the Australians as they welcome any beloved artist; by being very loud and singing along to every word. The set started slow and Julia demonstrated her trumpet skills with Baudelaire off their 2017 release Snow. Things pick up and the couples in the crowd hold each other while singing to one another the lyrics of Cellar Door. It was definitely a heartwarming sight to see all these couples and friends having a good time watching Angus, Julia and their band play their sick guitars and sing incredible harmonies. Throughout the show, the band continued to impress us with their musicianship playing many instruments including a great banjo and harmonica solo. Angus and Julia’s folk pop music came together with their visuals of nature that helped create an atmosphere as if they were playing an intimate show around a camp fire somewhere. Their set includes a brilliant mix of old and new. The ‘old’ tangent of the show started off with Angus beautifully singing Yellow Brick Road while Julia shredded and the crowd sang along. It then followed with the classic Big Jet Plane, amongst many others.

One thing that has been missing at concerts lately is the in between song speeches, as the true story tellers they are, Julia and Angus took the time to each tell a little bit about a few songs. Julia recited Charles Baudelaire’s poem Enivrez-vous in French before the whole crowd, as she proceeded to say it's meaning inspired their song Nothing Else. I’m sure she also tells the somewhat ironic story of For You at every show; how she wrote a song for her ex and he replied back with a simple “nice song” and a heavy metal song he had wrote himself that had nothing to do with love. Putting a context and sharing their stories like that with the fans made the show much more personal than it already was.

Finishing with the title track of their most recent album; Snow, but coming back for encores, the siblings announce that they had songs planned but they’re going to do something different this one time. Two fans in the front row had a sign asking them to sing Chocolates & Cigarettes as they had travelled far to see their favourite band play. Being the wonderful artists that they are, Julia went to the piano, swore a bit while trying to find the right key as they hadn’t played that song in a really long time. Regardless, hearing the words Living on a diet of Chocolates & Cigarettes, I wanna call you again, was so delightful. The rest of the encore was a perfect rendition of Harvest Moon by Neil Young and a throwback to their playful song Soldier.

The band then bowed and left us in admiration.

More photos over on our Instagram

All photos by: Coralie Daigneault


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