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  • Youmna El Halabi

Ariane Moffat: Incarnat — A Piano and an Angelic Voice

Ariane Moffatt is a Canadian, Montreal-based singer and songwriter. She has experienced with various musical genres, varying from jazz, to electronica, to folk, to even pop. The singer has no restrictions when it comes to her love for music.

Her bilingualism has provided her with a nice plus, allowing her to record songs in both English and French.

Having been in the industry since 2002, Moffatt gained popularity in the hearts of many Quebecers when she came out with her debut album, “Aquanaut,” a successful track record that was the recipient of three Prix Félix. The Félix Award is an award, given by the Association du Disque, de Industrie du Spectacle Québécois on an annual basis to artists working in the music and humour industry in the Canadian province of Quebec.

It is no question that Moffatt has had quite an interesting career, with more than five albums to her name. And the beautiful songs keep coming through.


Spring 2021 has sprung for Ariane Moffatt fans, as she releases a brand new LP in collaboration with Marc-André Gilbert, more commonly known by his acronym, MAG. The album is titled “Incarnat,” and it is a collection of softly-sung French verses.

Having written this LP in autumn 2019 up until mid-2020 with the beginnings of the now-all-consuming pandemic, the title “Incarnat” is fitting and perfect. For the word intends to allude to autumnal sunsets, filled with rose-red splashes of colours. Quite ironic that it came out in Spring.

A mix of instruments wonderfully fusing with the artist’s soothing voice, the most prominent one however is the piano. Moffatt intended to approach her audience in a more raw, and non-artificial manner, at first wanting to rely solely on her piano. However, as one would often say, the path of creativity knows no set plan. Although she has drifted from her initial scheme, the motive is still the same—and she has fully succeeded in establishing a raw, personal, and emotional record.

Moffatt plans to make an appearance at a concert at the Théâtre Corona on May 21—an already sold-out show.


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