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  • Joseph Blais

Review: Art Therapy, Christian Sean (2019)

Having released only a handful of singles and two-track EPs, Christian Sean is already is poised to become a Montreal pop heavyweight. On his latest offering, Art Therapy, deep, heartfelt lyrics are matched by a complex production that sounds firmly du jour without feeling overwrought. scroll down for more...

The EP opens with Alabama, a brooding yet dancey pop track. The lyrics read like a break-up song, the prettiest “it’s not you, it’s me” you’ve heard in a long time. This track does exactly what a perfect pop song should: builds up some supremely human angst to a breaking point before dropping a beat that is impossible not to dance to, teases you for eight bars, then leaves unexpectedly. The song comes to head in a left-field outro straight out of the LA beat scene, complete with quintuplet swing, auto-wah bass licks and fat analog synths.

The acoustic followup, Horses, contrasts the heavy production on Alabama nicely. Clocking in at under two minutes, the track is a succinct oeuvre in rondo form. Though at first glance it reads as a nihilistic take on expectations of success in the arts, Sean explains that this song is actually about remaining grounded despite pressure to succeed. “Making art can seem like a noble thing to do with one’s life, but it can quickly become a source of deep sorrow if your love is lost in the process,” he says. “I’m basically speaking to anyone who is clinging to their social status and suffering from constant insatisfaction, no matter the heights the reach.”

Art Therapy is available via BonSounds. Stream it here.


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