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Nothing much has changed, but Daniela Andrade doesn’t feel the same: EP Review

Fans of Daniel Andrade will delight in her newest collection of songs. The Montreal-born-and based singer dropped a new EP in late September, with a groovy, chill feel to it. One can say it’s full of perfect tunes for the lowering temperatures.

Andrade has gained popularity over the years through her YouTube channel, covering bands like Radiohead, Nirvana, and singers like Edith Piaf and Beyonce. Her velvet-smooth voice works quite well with whatever song she decides to sing, giving her own spin on the tunes and making them her own.

The EP starts with a song after its own title, “Nothing Much Has changed, I Don’t Feel The Same.” Safe to say, the entire album is a love letter, an ode to the artist’s subject of desire, raw and honest. The first track draws on the feeling one gets when they first realize their strong feelings towards someone.

Nothing much has changed

But I don’t feel the same at all

Could it be the fall

Could it be I’m falling for you, my love”

—the lyrics are instantly setting the album’s tone, as Andrade sings about how, in spite of everything staying the same, her feelings are the ones changing as she falls in love.

“Puddles” is the EP’s first single. A short ballad where the Honduran-Canadian reminisces over the past, as one does after a relationship ends, thinking about the times when they were happy and together—and the use of the word “puddle” as a kind of metaphor for the tears spilled when one’s heart is broken.

“Deseo” is quite probably my favourite track out of all six. Andrade shows her Honduran heritage by singing this beautiful Spanish ballad expressing quite freely, her desire towards her loved one, with the title literally translating to “desire.” Capricho con ganas

Tu calor, carísia

Deseo más, deseo más” — expressing her strong desire for them, their heat, and the end-verse, repeating “i desire you so much, I desire you so much.”

“K.L.F.G” is an acronym for what the singer later on sings as “Kissing, Licking, Fucking, Good.” The erotic feel of the song is quite imminent, even if the lyrics actually allude to the actions being a bad idea. We’ve all known the sentiment. Wanting to call that one person for some late night love, out of loneliness, or another very consuming feeling that lead into the arms of the wrong people. Andrade gives us a sense of the thought-process that goes on before making that late night booty-call to someone you either used to love, or just love to enjoy.

“Sin Ti” which translates to “Without You” is a beautiful soft track where Andrade combines Spanish and English lyrics, where she thanks her loved one for leaving her.

Good of you to cut me off baby

Sinking drowned all of the doubt baby

Now I’m floating to the top baby “— beautifully expressing how one feels after a difficult breakup, coming out victorious, feeling like yourself once again.

And finally, “Alone.” As the title suggests, following the song “Sin Ti,” the artist is singing about being alone for the first time, discovering herself once again without a partner, and seeking a new journey. Even the melody feels like the start of a new beginning, a ballad one listens to after the end of a story without it being the end, but a start of something new and exciting.

Nothing owes me no one (lay my head)

Up against the thorn (on every rose)

Nothing really hurts (until it grows)

Summer isn’t over ('cause I said)” Feelings of anticipation, fear, and confidence in one’s self.

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