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  • Mathieu Parent

"Dead Obies dévierge le M Telus"

After a year of traveling, doing shows in Europe, Quebec, Ontario, having a great run at festivals this summer, and along with doing shows containing only a few members of the group to promote their solo projects; it was finally time for Dead Obies to come home and play the notorious Metropolis (now M Telus). This much anticipated show definitely did not disappoint. The sold out venue was filled with the majority of millennials that make up the french-anglo population of Montreal who were clearly ready to go crazy with the group. The six boys brought the energy and heat to the M Telus on the second day of POP Montreal festival.

I had never been stuck in a pit that contained so much energy and sweat. There wasn't one person just standing there, the whole place was vibrant. Mosh pits were very present throughout the whole night, especially after hearing the crowd chant “Tony Hawk” the boys came out to sing their insane song. If you weren't a part of a mosh pit during that closing song, you missed out on a whack experience; it’s for sure one of the most fun moments you can have at a Dead O concert.

The group collected songs from their Collation mixtapes, Montreal $ud, Gesamtkunstwerk and new tunes from Air Max (sadly not Cruel Summer) to curate the perfect setlist. The boys premiered a fashion line during the gig which then lead to a huge party on stage which kind of resembled a Quebec version of Migos or Brockhampton. Joe Rocca and Yes McCan even performed songs from their solo projects and unreleased material that left the crowd even more excited than it already was!

It's a pretty big deal for a Montreal group to sell out the Metropolis. These boys have been working hard non-stop for years to make their anglo-french rap accepted and appreciated. This is an accomplishment and there's only great things to come from Dead Obies!!

Photos by: Bruno Guérin


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