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  • Mathieu Parent

Exciting Lineup Revealed for M for Montreal Marathon Festival

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

The highly anticipated M for Montreal Marathon Festival is back for its third edition, promising four days of non-stop music and over 100 talented artists. With a diverse lineup featuring both local favorites and emerging international acts, this autumn extravaganza has become the go-to event for Canadian independent music enthusiasts. Get ready to immerse yourself in a musical marathon like no other!

First Wave of Artists

The festival organizers have unveiled the initial lineup, including five exciting concerts to kick off the festivities. Club Soda will come alive on November 16 with a mix of urban pop featuring Super Plage, R&B artist Hawa B, and rap collective LaF. The following day, rock trio zouz and iconoclast VioleTT Pi will take the stage at Club Soda, joined by Calgary band 36? after their extended absence from Montreal. Meanwhile, the Fairmount Theater will host electrified pop performances by Afternoon Bike Ride and Robert Robert, who will be touring together to showcase their new albums. On November 18, another must-see show awaits at the Fairmount Theater. Local underground star Marie Davidson [LIVE] will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Heavy Trip, joined by Egyptian artist Nadah El Shazly and DJ Ouri, promising an unforgettable night of music.

Collaboration and Partnership

In exciting news, the festival has joined forces with La maison fauve as a co-presenter for Philippe Brach's show at MTelus, which was previously announced. This partnership highlights the commitment of the festival to bring together diverse musical experiences and create memorable moments for attendees.

Festival-goers can choose from two ticketing options. The FESTIVAL pass, currently available at an early bird rate, grants access to over 30 shows in the lineup, ensuring you don't miss any of your favorite acts. Alternatively, individual tickets for specific shows are also available, allowing attendees to curate their own personalized marathon experience.

Beyond being a musical extravaganza for the general public, the MARATHON festival provides a platform for local and national industry agencies to showcase their artists. Show producers such as Costume Records, Disques Dure Vie, Fire Feu Fuego, Heavy Trip, Indica Records, Kartel Musik, La maison fauve, Lighter Than Air, Lisbon Lux Records, Mothland, and popop will be involved, further enhancing the festival's mission of supporting the local music scene.

The M for Montreal Marathon Festival is set to deliver an exhilarating four-day music experience, offering a dynamic lineup of established and up-and-coming artists. Whether you're a music lover or an industry professional, this festival promises to be an unmissable celebration of the Canadian independent music scene. Lace up your sneakers, prepare your playlist, and get ready for the ultimate music marathon in the heart of Montreal!


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