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  • Mathieu Parent

Eyes On: Sofia Kourtesis

Paying tribute to her native Peru, Berlin-based artist Sofia Kourtesis uses unique samples taken from movies and personal encounters to express herself on her new EP “Fresia Magdalena.

featured track:

The five-song EP is an everywhere go-to, perfect for warm days outside or for studying in the comfort of your home. It's the perfect find for those looking for new sounds that will put a smile on your face.

On every album cover of Sofia, we can see Sarita Colonia, a young Peruvian who is credited with the ability to perform miracles. After her death, she enjoyed great popularity among the most popular social classes. Colonia has become a cult figure for the people of Lima who deserve the mercy that their Catholic Church denies them, just as it denies Colonia a sanctioned holiness. A drag-queen even reportedly said Colonia had saved him from murderous homophobes.

The opening song “La Perla” approaches a painful subject through synths and her own voice; an homage to her father's death.

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