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  • Nicolas Lacasse

Forget Black Friday: Vibe With Us at Montreal's La Sotterenea

On November 17, circle the date for an unforgettable musical fusion at La Sotterenea in Montreal. Marathon Festival (M for Montreal) and Ic3y Mag are teaming up to bring you a night where genres collide and rhythms ignite. Get ready for a blend where the bold beats of UK rap and the unique rhythms of Ivory Coast rap meet the infectious energy of pop-trap. With an exciting lineup featuring Mattmac, Mace the Great, and Andy S., this is set to be a night where every performance is a new discovery.


Get to know the unique Oji-Cree artist MattMac, because he’s one of a kind. Blind since birth, Mattmac writes, raps and produces his own music compiling 20 million streams. This year, CBC recognized his talent by naming him the 2023 CBC Searchlight Grand Prize. The self-taught artist hopes his music and his career will break down barriers for other young people with disabilities.

Being blind since birth hasn’t stopped MattMac as a music producer and recording artist. In an interview with National News, the artist explained that he was depressed at an early age and said music is what helped him overcome that.

MattMac has connected with International artist Nelly Furtado and performed alongside her at Indigenous day Live and We Day Canada Day in 2017. He recently performed at Montreal’s festival Pop in september. The 17th will be his second show of the week, after performing with Frais Dispo, Totalement Sublime and Boy Golden at Ausgang Plaza.

Mace the Great

An exciting Grime and Hip-Hop force from Cardiff, Wales will be gracing the Sotterenea stage this Friday. Mace The Great has been awarded several times by our media colleagues in Europe. From SXSW to Glastonbury, Mace's electrifying performances are a testament to his status as a rising star. 2022 has been a pivotal year for Mace The Great with multiple performances in the US, including a notable presence at SXSW. His talent was further acknowledged in the MOBO Awards’ Unsung Class 22.

Adding to his impressive portfolio, Mace recently collaborated with Sage Todz on 'Welcome To Wales,' a track celebrating and honoring the spirit of Cymru.

Andy S

"The best rapper in Ivory Coast is a female rapper," says Andy S. Passionate about rhyme and freestyle, the rapper stood out from her high school years before quickly becoming a key figure in Ivory rap.

In January 2021, Andy S released a mini EP "RDBQ VOL.1" followed a few months later by the mixtape "Exousia" which brings together Afro B, Vicky R, Reggie and her Ivorian friend Yanik Jones. Thanks to this success, Andy S took her first steps in France and gave remarkable concerts in Paris at the Hasard Ludique and the FGO Barbara during the Festival #GRLPWR, as well as outstanding appearances on Grünt and TV5.

Back in the spotlight with her new EP to be released on the Montreal label, Moonshine, Andy S unveiled "Prodada" during the summer and until recently "Bandeko". The Ivorian is destined for a promising future.

Join us for a night of discovery and talent on a cozy Friday at La Sotterenea. Unleash your senses to a captivating blend of musical styles, and immerse yourself in the extraordinary talents that will grace the stage. Tickets are available at:

For an extra 25% off on festival passes, use our promo code; IC3Y25MAG.

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