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  • Youmna El Halabi

High Klassified: Law Of Automata: Valid — a High-LY Klassified Mix of Groundbreaking Sounds.

Straight out of Montreal, from the nooks and crannies of the Laval neighbourhood, Kevin Vincent, professionally known as High Klassified, emerges.

Since 2011, the producer has been on his way to dominate the hip-hop scene.

What, some would say, truly put High Klassified, aside from his obvious talent in the industry, is his collaboration with The Weeknd and Future in 2017, for the renowned track, “Coming out Strong.” While the track wasn’t released as its own single, it remains to this day one of Hndrxx LP, Future’s R&B-inspired album.

featured track:

Ever since his debut, the Montreal-based producer has put out a number of EPs, featuring many different artists, mainly Zach Zoya, another fellow Montrealer, Troy Boi and Leven Kali.

All of whom appear on High Klassified’s newest EP; Law of Automata: Valid.

This new collection of tracks recently came out in late March of 2021.

The EP is made up of five tracks, featuring Zoya, sebjin, Kali, ilham, and Troy Boi—a plethora of R&B and hip-hop sounds that will get you hooked from the minute your press play. The album is a joy to listen to, and although the music is mostly centered around the ultimate hip-hop beats, a song like “Dojo” where High Klassified collaborated with Boi has an interesting feel to it. One can make out oriental drums alongside a chorus of voices matching the tone of the melodies. A track truly meant to transport you, where the music does all the talking, as the lyrics are virtually non-existent.

It had been three years before Law of Automata: Valid was released, and some can say the wait was worth it. Will High Klassified make us wait that long for another hit? We sure hope not.


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