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  • Mathieu Parent

Interview With Montreal-Berlin Duo Blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaii just released their new EP called '' Under 1 House ''. Consisting of Ra and Ag, the duo met throwing parties and shows in Montreal and continue to create together despite living in separate cities - split Montreal and Berlin. We had a chat about how they work from distance and how they miss touring.

photo: Richmond Lam

1.How would you describe the universe of your new EP ‘’Under 1 House’’ ?

The memory of a sweaty club around 1:30am, whole buncha people focused on maintaining a good vibe! Well, at least we can dream :)

2. Blue Hawaii consists of two separate living artists. What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to collaborating from Montreal to Berlin?

It was always a challenge living apart, but the pandemic has made it even more... special when we see each other. Under 1 House was finished under the condition of sending things back-and-forth online. But as an unexpected bonus, Agor was able to get out and see Ra in Quebec about a month ago. We quarantined for two weeks at a cabin by a lake and we’re super productive! Stay tuned for more on that.

3. You guys have been touring around the globe a lot. What’s something that you miss the most about it?

For sure gaining a new/different persecutive on own's own life, work and city is a valuable thing that is harder to come by now that's we're all staying put. But there's all kinds of positive by-products in this. In some ways we're making the best work of our life right now. Decisions we make now seem even more important than usual.

4.The fifth track on the album ‘’Let it Be Us’’ feels very liberating. What’s something that makes you feel free?

Thanks for noticing that one! Also a favourite, but not pushed as a single. This one was so fun to play live, it really captivated the audiences on our 2019 fall US/Euro tours. Freedom lately has felt like being able to spend time outside, enjoying the good things this life has to offer, as well as figuring out the ways in which we can live and treat each other better. These things are getting more divisive and the stakes are becoming higher, all the time.

5. What artists have you discovered lately?

A lot of rap, like Pi'erre Bourne and Roddy Rich. Also old classics like Cheryl Lynn and Mr. Velcro Fastener. Look it up, lol.


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