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  • Joseph Blais

Interview with Sophia Bel: A Wicked Game Story

Photographe: Amélie Labonté DA: Mathieu Parent

Sophia Bel just released her new single Wicked Game; a beautiful version of Chris Issak’s original. An emotional and mature sounding piece. The cover is quite different from the 90s hit but still holds the same energy. Scroll down to listen + read the interview

Photographer: Amélie Labonté

The song has been covered innumerable times. Did you first come across Wicked Game as a cover or the original? Do you have a favourite version (besides your own)?

I don’t remember who’s version I heard first. I think as a kid it must have been the original by Chris Isaac, but I fell back in love with the song when I heard London Grammar’s rendition.

Wicked Game became a hit after being featured in David Lynch’s 1990 film Wild At Heart. Like his filmmaking, your music deals with themes of youth, beauty and alienation. Are you a fan of Lynch’s work? Has it influenced your writing?

TBH I’ve never seen that movie but I look forward to watching it! I’m glad David Lynch likes the song as much as I do.

Photographe: Amélie Labonté DA: Mathieu Parent

Photographer: Amélie Labonté

In 2017, Dazed Magazine asked if this is the most influential love song in modern music. In your opinion, what are some of the most important love songs in your life?

“Landslide” by Fleetwood mac, “Fix You” by Coldplay, and my latest favourite has been “Mariners Apartment Complex” by Lana Del Rey. 3 songwriters that I really dig.

Besides your EP Princess of the Dead, vol. 1, released earlier this year, you tend to release your music in single format. Why does this single-serving style best represent your work?

I think that with people’s shortening attention spans et exposure to constant new information, it’s best to catch people’s attention with only one song at a time. I plan on releasing a sequel to my Vol. 2 that will tell a new story one song at a time.

Photographe: Amélie Labonté DA: Mathieu Parent

Photographer: Amélie Labonté

What have you been up to since your album release?

Making songs, overthinking and sleeping

This track is arranged by long-time collaborator CRi. What makes him the best pick as arranger and producer for your music?

We are both obsessed with the 90s.

Finally, if you were to write a fortune cookie, what would the fortune be?

You can’t run away from yourself


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