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  • Mathieu Parent

Interview with The Flamingos Pink: Montreal's Shiny Disto Pop Duo

As a part of FME (Festival de musique émergente), we met up with The Flamingos Pink before their set at Bar Le Groove. The band features Julien Corrado on drums/percussion and Sacha Gubany on guitar and vocals. The band is heavily influenced by rock and roll and they always bring the heat. This Flame coloured Shiny Disto Pop is sure to make you groove, make your body move.

Welcome to festival! Is this your first FME?

Julien: I did the FME in the winter but it’s my first time in the summer and with this band.

Sacha: Yeah and my first time this far north!

You had a different project together before, how did The Flamingos Pink come together?

Julien: We were always going to come together at some point. From the first time Sacha gave me a vocal demo, I knew I wanted to play music with this dude. We added bass for a while but ultimately it just clicked better as a duo. The synergy is crazy!

The project hasn’t been alive for that long and you keep releasing new music, how do you keep creating so quickly?

Julien: That’s the goal. Today, people’s attention span is short so the more you make and put out, the more you can readjust and get ideas. I think the important thing is that if you keep releasing stuff it keeps you fresh.

Sacha: It keeps you excited to keep having music out. I mean, we started the project a year and two weeks ago and its been constant work but its fun.

Julien: Its nice because the work is paying off in the sense that we get sweet gigs, we’re here (at FME) and we haven’t even released the record yet. It’s coming out September 20th!

(Album release show September 25th at POP Montreal)

You put out an EP earlier this year to introduce the band-

Julien: Yeah, the EP was the first thing.

Sacha: It was a self released EP in December and then we started working on the record right away. It then came together with Label Étiquette and we started working with them. We’re releasing the album on Label and we recorded a bunch and mixed it at Studi LeNid.

Julien: Now we’re just looking forward to putting it out and we’re already planning sessions our next few record.

How did you get involved with Label Étiquette?

Julien: We met through a common friend at Project X and then Pierre-Philippe invited us to go play in St-Adrien, it was for the Festival Slackline in Asbestos and it was a great time. We then got to talking, because Pilou is a musician, producer and studio engineer and he just hooked us up with Steven Doman at studio LeNid. It’s an environment that is very conducive to create. Its been a good time and the more we get into the studio, the more naturally everything comes together and we keep writing new songs. As long as it keeps coming we’ll keep doing it.

You guys did an Osheaga afterparty, which is crazy to have as a relatively new band so early on. How was that?

Julien: It does seem like it's so early on but we've been working a lot. We work so hard that it's always nice and less of a surprise to get these shows. We work continuously so these shows; we get there, we’re ready, we kill it and onto the next.

Sacha: Yeah we had a great time! Like now, we’re going to play in 30 minutes and I’m so excited!

You’re both involved in other musical projects, Sacha how is the dynamic different then with The Corks?

Sacha: Both are different in terms of the sound and also just working with Julien is different. Playing guitar rather than just singing is something different but both are a lot of fun.

Julien: What’s cool is that Sacha has different bands and I have different projects, everything I do has a different aspect to it and when I come to the Flamingos its like we put everything we learned into it. We both try to create an environment that is egoless where we just share and build on that. We take those barriers down and we build upwards.


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