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  • Mathieu Parent

L.Teez Unveils A New Live Video & Announces Two Virtual Live Performances

After releasing a live version of Questions, Montreal rapper L. Teez drops Pain, a second live performance from his most recent EP, “The Index to My Inner Thoughts”, recorded onstage at Lion d’Or in Montreal, accompanied once again by his band.

The live performance of Pain is a preview of L.Teez’s online show, which will be broadcast for the first time in France via the Centre Culturel Canadien de Paris and also as part of the 2021 edition of Quebec’s Phoque Off showcase. The show was previously broadcast at the Jarasum Jazz Festival (South Korea) in November, the SUD WAVE Festival (Italy) and the Kolkata Jazz Fest (India) in December 2020.

February 16 at 11am EST for “Pro” pass holders ($20)

8pm EST for the general public (PRIX TBC)

Le Phoque Off, Québec (Canada) – RSVP HERE


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