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  • Mathieu Parent

Music Video Premiere: “No Love Lost” by Laye + Interview

Laye premiered the music video for “No Love Lost”. The song is from her debut album, Lonesome and has already a million plays on Spotify.

In the last few years, Laye was traveling to New York, Los Angeles and Toronto to work with various pop and hip-hop directors who worked with G-Eazy, Dua Lipa, Rihanna and more. She is now releasing her new video clip who was directed by Mark Martin.

In addition to releasing her first album on July 26th, Laye will be playing at the Osheaga Festival next month.

Read our interview below!

Hi Laye, how are you?

I’m doing okay,,

For those who don’t know Laye yet, how would you describe your music?

I’m finding music harder and harder to describe but it’s sort of alternative, moodier pop. Usually it’s somehow always including a sad and longing undertone, lyrically.

How have things changed in the last year?

Things are going good and things are moving. This year feels like a good year in terms of the music that I have been putting out- it’s been pretty smooth, with my full and first album dropping July 26. And of course, a music video coming out before then for ‘no love lost’.

Let’s talk about No Love Lost, your next single that will feature on your upcoming album ‘’Lonesome’’. How did you end up writing this song?

I wrote this song in a session with Zale Epstein in Toronto not too long ago and then we later brought it to Mike Wise to produce out, alongside Zale. It’s one that the two of us wrote quickly together but struggled with the hook for a sec,, but we didn’t settle until we landed on the one that we have now. The content lyrically being pretty straightforward- it’s about a very intense relationship where the highs are high and the lows are low- and communication being lost in substance abuse and lust.

’'Cause we don't make peace, we make passion’’ is a line in the song. What does being passionate mean for yourself?

Passion, to me, is about being almost uncontrollably and completely taken over or intrigued by someone or something. That lyric ‘we don’t make peace, we make passion’ just speaks again to losing the communicating aspect of a relationship, and maybe not solving the problems you have but overlooking them due to the passion and feelings you have towards said person.

What inspired the videoclip?

I wanted the video to loosely represent the inner troubles one goes through while being in a relationship like that, or a relationship in general really. I wanted the video to be of me basically holding myself captive as a representation of me holding myself back and the self-torture we allow ourselves to endure. I think a lot of the time the set back you have in a relationship can come from your own struggles within. You need to know who you are and what you want in a relationship. You need to be able to love yourself before being in one, no matter how many times you hear that and no matter how cliche it sounds it’s just very real because if you don’t love yourself then all issues that arise are easy to look past and continue in these toxic, or not even toxic, but non-productive relationship patterns.

How do you feel when performing these songs live? Is it always a different energy?

It’s great, I’m learning to love the live aspect so much more as I continue to grow in it. I’m still learning about how I am as a performer and so the more I learn the more I love, it’s like unlocking a new character and envisioning the songs in different ways.

When it comes to writing, how do you get inspired? Do you have a precise artistic line that you follow?

I keep repeating this answer, but it’s always different for me. Changes song to song. I love writing alone mostly, but being in sessions with producers and songwriters brings forth new ideas to bounce off of. Writing alone gives you the time you need, however, to really put on paper what you’re going through in a way that matters most to you. I like doing both, depends on the mood and day.

Two albums that marked your life.

Life for Rent by Dido and Hot Fuss by The Killers

Have you learned anything about yourself by doing music?

Definitely, both positive and negative, many things. I guess one thing would be that I’m pretty persistent and that can be both good and bad. Sometimes when my mind is set on something I find it hard to hear others opinions, which I need to be receptive of. But it’s also good because it helps me to stay true to myself.

Do you have a favorite song on your upcoming album?

hmmm,, it changes always,, but right now I’d say ‘better’

What do you think about our generation when it comes to music?

We’re great! Great generation to be apart of where sharing music is easily done and accessible. But it’s also tough. Fans have always been die-hard but with social media it’s a whole other lever that is amazing, but can be tough as well. I think we need to keep in mind that being nice to others is crazy important and we need to keep the online platforms a safe place!!! to express our opinions but in manners that aren’t hurtful to others.

Where can we catch you playing this summer? Do you have a tour planned?

Right now just OSHEAGAAAA !!!! August 3rd, COME SEE ME.

After that we shall see- definitely planning on having shows to support the album but those dates and places will come out in a bit.


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