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Lou Phelps — Supersexe Freestyle: The ultimate flirtatious anthem

Louis-Philippe Celestin, professionally known firstly as Louis P from 2011 to 2014, and now as Lou Phelps, is back with a new single, serving summer fun realness with this RnB tune.

Haitian-Canadian born Louis-Philippe grew up in Saint-Hubert, a borough in the city of Longueuil in Quebec. Contrary to most artists hailing from the French Canadian province, Phelps did not see it necessary to relocate to the big city of Montreal. On the contrary, ever since his debut, the 26-year-old has been more than content to set up shop in his basement, and record his albums.

Phelps has been making music alongside his Grammy-winning brother, Kaytranada since 2011. Back then, he went with the stage name “Louis P” and was part of the Celestics—a hip-hop duo made up of Phelps and Kaytranada as a producer and DJ. Their debut project in 2011 was titled “Massively Massive,” and it truly put them on the Canadian music map.

Phelps is also a JUNO-nominated artist. In April 2017, his debut project titled 001: Experiments warranted a nomination. The EP produced was by his brother; the vocals are Phelps’. It also had guest appearances by producer Bishop Nehru, recording artist Innanet James and Montreal-based singer Kallitechnis.

Phelps has since put out a number of singles, from “Cinnamon Toast” to “Come Inside,” as well as other EPs like 002:Experiments and EXTRA-EXTRA.

And now, fans of Phelps can crank up their stereos to his newest single: “Supersexe Freestyle.”

“Gotta get Lou out yo mouth

Gotta get Lou out yo cranium

Unless you giving Lou mouth

Bay giving crazy cranium”

It’s no secret that hip-hop, much like anything derivative of blues, can get raunchy, and sexual; and don’t we love to see it. This song, from its title, gives you a peak on what to expect: a fun beat with Phelps spewing playful, and cheeky verses.

The tune will have you bopping in your seat, as the Kendrick Lamar influences are heard through the electronic hip-hop beat, and Phelps vocal tunes.


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