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  • Mathieu Parent

Metronomy Forever Tour in Montreal

The 2000's english electronic music group, Metronomy, took the MTELUS stage in matching white jumpsuits on February 7th. A healthy mix of songs from their six albums were played amongst the five members highlighting each of their instrumental expertise at different times. The crowd was quick to pick up on the natural movement you feel when listening to the live set. The redundant and well-known guitar riff in Everything Goes My Way began and everyone settled in a swaying shimmy while singing to one another "love, i'm in love again" with Anna Prior (drummer, vocalist).

Going into the concert only knowing a few songs from their 2011 record The English Riviera and Heartbreaker (2008), it was a pleasant surprise to be grooved in by the music from the beginning. Often at shows, instrumentals can sound and feel longer than they are but Metronomy have a way of making everything flow. Something that would've made it even more enjoyable would've been visuals to add to their production value.

The crowd, being somewhat older than the 20 year olds that we are used to be around at gigs, definitely knew their band. Every few tracks, hands were thrown in the air, ecstatic screams were let out and the dance moves began. Not simple feet shifting but full on dance moves. Being in the back of the room and looking out into the floor section, everyone out there were full on dancing, having a brilliant time. Towards the end of the set, it had felt like the band put a spell on everyone, especially during The Look. It was refreshing to be in a concert environment where it was comfortable and easy to let go.

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