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  • Mathieu Parent

Milk & Bone come home!

After performing across America with their sophomore album, Milk & Bone brought Deception Bay home. Laurence Lafond-Beaulne and Camille Poliquin played to a sold out Corona Theatre in Montreal and it was a magnificent way to end their North American tour before heading over to Europe.

When Deception Bay was released I listened to it maybe once or twice as it was so different to what the duo had done previously. The songs about relationships, friendships and heartbreaks were back in a whole new dimension and a new look. The girls opened the show with their instrumental ' :') ' and then threw it back with slightly revised version of Coconut Water. A darker and precise performance was about to take over.

Nevermore kicks off the new record and the musically synched led light show. Every song, every beat and every lyric was magically linked to a sequence of lights surrounding Milk & Bone. Horrible for a photographer trying to take photos but very captivating for the audience. During KIDS, the lights were brighter colours and the girls came out from behind their instruments to dance with the crowd where we could finally see how much fun they were having.

A song that always stood out in Milk & Bone's discography is Poison. The heavy synths and Laurence altering her voice is very Banks of them. Hearing that song live is a mesmerizing experience, especially with their dark set up and red lights flashing to the beat. Their multi-instrumental capabilities are impressive and entertaining to watch. Listening to them on record you can already hear that their vocals are impeccable but live is a whole other story. I'm pretty sure they could hypnotize someone with their angelic voices in harmony, its truly so beautiful to hear.

They will be performing at Osheaga this summer in Montreal. If you're there, do yourself a favour and go support your local girls on Saturday!


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