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  • Youmna El Halabi

Mind Bath's “Heavenly Blue” Is Inspiring, Meaningful, and a 'Heavenly' Melody

"I was young, and I needed money." That is how Michael Brock, more famously known as Mind Bath, made his debut in the music world on the title track of his first EP, "I Was Young" in 2016.

Some may also recognize the artist as a goth kid in the 2000s horror movie, "Jennifer's Body," whose best friend gets eaten by Megan Fox's character; a cannibalistic cheerleader—indeed, Mind Bath has made several appearances on the big and small screen.

However, he is now doing wonders in the music scene. After his first EP in 2016, he went on to successfully release several more singles and a few more EPs in 2018 and 2019.

His newest single, "Heavenly Blue" is the first single of an upcoming album, and if this song is any indication, it will not disappoint.

"Heavenly Blue" is a soft, yet intense ballad with an important backstory. It is inspired by a novel by Larry Mitchell, a classic piece of queer literature about the possibility of a utopia.

"Heavenly Blue is a character from The Faggots & Their Friends Between Revolutions by Larry Mitchell," Mind Bath tells "He loves too hard and worries too much until he loses his mind. Heavenly Blue finds peace again in the solidarity from his queer family and comes back to mother fucking life."

The song is enticing, the music transportive, and the lyrics are quite intense as Mind Bath softly sings in his unique, sensual voice about the character of Heavenly Blue and his inner struggle of caring too much for the world around him.


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