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  • Nicolas Lacasse

Montreal Makes Waves with Lil Yachty's Field Trip Tour

Montreal iconic venue MTELUS was submerged for an evening, leaving rapper-singer Lil Yachty to take control of the ship for what was a long journey through choppy waters. The long-awaited ‘’The Field Trip Tour’’ arrived in Montreal for one evening, and let’s just say we won’t soon forget it.

Photographer: Mathieu Parent / @purestrangers

Photographer: Mathieu Parent / @purestrangers

After two performances thwarted by illness at the 2022 Mural Festival and the 2023 Osheaga Festival, Miles Parks McCollum, his real name, gave everything he had during a colorful sold-out show which captivated his fans from start to finish. The Atlanta artist warned us at the start of the show, displayed on a giant screen, to keep our senses alert and to be prepared for what was coming.

Let's start here. Lil Yachty, alongside an all-female band, began the chapter by launching into his latest album, acclaimed by the public for its surprising alternative approach. "drive ME crazy" set the tone for the hour and a half performance.

After 20 minutes of going through the catalog of "Let's Start Here." with songs like “the ride”, “pRETTY” and “sAy sOMETHING”, it was time to set the crowd on fire with rap songs. The young ragers on the dance floor were ready since the opening of the doors to create moshpits and let themselves go.

Yachty wandered for around thirty minutes on his newest singles, but also on his classics like "Minnesota," "iSpy," and "Broccoli." The peak of the session came when the first notes of "Strike (Holster)" were heard. This Summer 2023 hit echoed from two street corners as fans shouted the lyrics. "It’s us!" they said. After the great chaos caused by the hip-hop genre, it was time to end the alternative project's journey. "I Officially Lost Vision!" put us back on the right path to experience a grandiose ending. The intro "The Black Seminole" changes roles and closes the show of the tour, which began a week ago.

The opening scene was left for the purposes of the other members of the CONCRETE BOYS collective. Camo, followed by Karrah, Dc2trill, and Draft Day, set the table for the evening. Better known than his comrades due to his collaboration on Yachty's album "Lil Boat 3," Draft Day notably had one of the best moments of the evening when he invited himself into the crowd on his recent song, “ON THE RISE”.

Photographer: Mathieu Parent / @purestrangers

Also, we must not forget the refreshing performance of New Yorker Nick Hakim, who brought a lot of love and warmth to the fans present.

“The Field Trip Tour” continues its journey to Connecticut on the 29th. Lil Yachty and his crew are offering around forty shows across North America and Europe between now and the middle of December.


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