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  • Mathieu Parent

Montreal's Stardust Birthday Party

All dressed in different shades of yellow, Ron Gallo and his band took the stage in a Montreal venue for the first time ever. Sitting on a stool because of unfortunate back problems didn’t stop Gallo from shredding his power rock songs. That didn’t take anything away from the theatrics performed by the band, the clear and impeccable vocal capability of Ron and so much more that make up a unique and exciting concert. The crowd of bopping heads got to know and appreciate this artist in an intimate venue setting and I believe that his next visit will ensure mosh pits and a closeness from the people there. For a windy Wednesday night, it was comforting to be a part of this rock stars journey and to have him cover Somethin’ Stupid while sitting on his stool in the crowd. Sweet and comforting might not be the words you expect from a rock show but Ron Gallo’s kind spirit brings a lightness to all the heaviness in his music which creates a fantastic live set. His records deserve to be heard and seen live, he is bringing back the raw and realness of rock. If you have the chance, celebrate life like a birthday party at a Ron Gallo gig!

All photos taken by Coralie Daigneault.


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