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  • Mathieu Parent


LENOIRE was formed in 2016 during an initiatory spring in New Orleans. It was under the influence of Mardi Gras that their first EP was born. Since then, Montreal's backseat rhythm'n blues trio has been active on the scene and has released three EPs, including their most developed work; Satisfaction. Live, LENOIRE is distinguished by its electrifying performances, sinuous vocal harmonies and total dedication.

The song was written before LENOIRE became a band, its one of the songs that really has been a staple of live shows because of its energy. The song, though it may seem about love, is about the longing for a lost peace of mind because of interpersonal turmoil, or misplaced faith and trust in a person. The desire to chase that person who you think is responsible only to get further away from the path back to peace of mind.

The video was made with a tremendous help from Kate Taeuschel, from storyboarding and tech scouting. A lot of the ideas for the video were brainstormed together, thinking of fun things to shoot and do! A lot of the car shots were done with Kate either shooting from an open window or door. Some of those shots were a little stressful to pull of since the cars had to get close to each other and the weather wasn't great.

The band is leaving in a few days for a summer tour up to West Canada!

You can find tour dates HERE.


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