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  • Joseph Blais

Review: Off The Cuff, Lenoire (2020)

Following their 2019 album Satisfaction and subsequent cross-Canada tour, indie soul band Lenoire return with Off The Cuff.

Montreal trio Lenoire are back with a raucous, rambling, feel-good LP. Caught at the intersection between the Stones and the Internet, Lenoire serve up a contemporaneous dose of hazy soul.

From the onset, Lenoire return with their signature sound: characteristic falsetto “oohs”, honky- tonk piano, janky guitar stabs. Yet, as all good bands should, the trio have evolved the textures utilized: romantic piano stylings on Golden Shores and Lente Tragédie à Piétonville evoke Ravel; shades of contemporary hip-hop and RnB post-production (vocal effects, low-pass drums) whisper of the group’s upcoming rap collaborations.

At its most psychedelic, Off The Cuff plays like a stoned romp in a summer field, blurry and floating. The tail end of the record hits a more moody tone Even then, it’s the laid-back, care- free melancholy of the end of a day wasted among friends. Did you really think Lenoire were even capable of bringing you bad vibes? In an age of anxiety on a global scale, it’s refreshing to be sunk into Lenoire’s blissfully innocent world.


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