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  • Youmna El Halabi

“Prairie:” Katuchat’s Newest Single Is Setting the Tone for His Upcoming Album

On 26 Feb., Katuchat took it to Twitter to announce his newest electronic song, “Prairie” — a two minute track with a calming sound, and a catchy beat. Best listened to with headphones on, so as to clearly hear the small bird sounds emitting, as if you are indeed in a “prairie,” otherwise known as a “meadow” in English.

A few years ago, Katuchat made headlines with his debut EP “Anaesthesia.” This album was special for many reasons, and one of them was the fact that the artist was dealing with his chronic illness, a genetic disorder that leads to the growth of many tumors in his body. The EP was his way of showcasing the importance of healing through music, the importance of art and the love for it—especially for someone plagued by an illness that affects them both bodily, and mentally.

Katuchat’s newest album, Still Life is set to come out on March 19th, and the artist makes sure to pay homage for his musical influences, namely Arca, Vegyn, SOPHIE. He also collaborated with many interesting international artists, such as Chester Watson, LIA, and Sølv.

“Music is a kind of time capsule,” Katuchat once said, “which we can listen to again and rediscover past moments, remembering the circumstances in which we first heard it, or even created.”

Which explains his need to title his debut album as Still Life which translates to “nature morte” in French, as if to emphasize the artist’s need to find inspiration for his music everywhere around him.

One thing to keep in mind while listening to “Prairie,” and the upcoming songs of the album is that they are all up to the listener’s interpretation. Katuchat states there is no specific meaning he tried to convey, and it is up to us to choose if his sounds express joy or melancholia. But if “Prairie” is anything to go by, we are in for quite the ride!


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