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  • Youmna El Halabi

Savannah Ré + Roy Woods: MURAL ends its “estival” with a whiff from the 6ix.

MURAL is known for hosting a festival every summer, kicking off tourist season in June with a myriad of activities, and colours. It is mostly known for showcasing Montreal’s murals, and putting street artists on the map. This year was no different. In order to keep their audience happy, the MURAL team put together an “estival” where they streamed performances, to keep up with the yearly tradition, with regards to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The 19 Sept. was their last show, where they streamed two live performances by Toronto-based artists, Savannah Ré, and Roy Woods.

Set on an empty rooftop in Montreal, surrounded by blinding but beautiful lights, the artists made sure to offer their e-audience an enticing show.

photo: MURAL Facebook

Starting with Savannah Ré, accompanied by DJ Rosegold, and her guitar Jeff Craig, she made sure to insist that even with the pandemic, even with the current situation and the lack of human presence on the rooftop, “we still gonna rock out the way we do.” Her soothing, beautiful voice gets you grooving in your seat, making you stand up in your home to dance to her songs—just as she promised. Of course, with recent events, Ré made sure to sing an ode to the fallen from the Black community, as she makes sure to state that she is part of it—MURAL flashing the names on screen as a show of respect, from Michael Brown to George Floyd. The concert was quite intimate, with the singer so raw and emotional before introducing each song, that the audience feels connected to her.

Photo: MURAL Facebook

The estival ends with a 40-minute set by the one and only Roy Woods. While Savannah Ré interacted with the e-audience in a more interactive matter, Woods let the music do the talking. Twenty minutes were performed on the roof, and the set continues after a short intermission in a closed space where a select few watch him prance about on a stage, illuminated beautifully by visual artists Boycott, and Lebicar. Woods’ voice gives off the same tone as another famous Canadian artist, The Weeknd, making us wonder if the latter has any kind of influence on the young rapper.

All in all, MURAL’s estival was intimate, well-organized, colourful, and an interesting experience.


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