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Quite the trip with Sophia Bel’s new EP, “Princess of the Dead Vol. II”

The Montreal-based trip-hop artist is at it again with another transportive EP, a 2020-continuity of her first EP, “Princess of the Dead Vol. I”

Roxanne Selleck

As a child of the early to mid 2000s, Bel’s heavily influenced by singers such as Avril Lavigne, and is known to bask in the emo malaise of these early years.

This EP, however, feels different. If I were to be completely honest, it has a bit of an erotic, sexy feel to it, and I mean this in the most positive way possible. The sexy beats, and enticing melodies took on an interesting trip, which is fitting considering that her music has been classified in the “trip-hop” column.

Although to be quite frank, the lyrics vary in feelings—from sadness, to happiness, to self-pity, to confident vixen.

The first song, for example “You’re Not Real, You’re Just a Ghost” has a fun 2000s-like beats, something you’d expect to hear in teen movies homecoming parties like “Sleepover,” or “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen” — but the lyrics are quite sad, as the singer expresses her disappointment in a failed relationship, and her good-hearted nature.

“No closure to set me free

So tired of the same routine

If my heart could turn to stone

Then I might make it on my own

But it's stuck on my sleeve”

The following song, ‘No More” however has a bit of a different feel to it. The music is more intense, with a 2000s pop sexy feel to it. Think of it as a mix between The Veronicas and Nelly Furtado. Something that would play in nightclubs with an array of blinding lights, while you’re moving your head back and forth intoxicated, enjoying the night. The lyrics are a perfect blend of desire, and frustration. All night lighting fires

Sacrificing my desires

No more dancing with me

All night lighting fires

Sacrificing my desires

No more dancing with me

“Voyage Astral” ft. Félix is Bel’s nod to her Montreal heritage, with a song in French. Nothing more can be said about this song other than it perfectly conveys its name, “Voyage Astral” — a trip amongst the stars. From the trippy beats, to the perfection fusion of Bel and Félix’s voices, you’re in for quite a ride when listening to the tune. Voyage astral

À l'état primal

Retour intégral

Au stade initial

Voyage astral

À l'état primal

Retour intégral

Au stade initial

“Paralysis” is an instrumental, techno-filled song with no lyrics to it. It’s a nice interlude in the EP, a music to enjoy while closing your eyes and imagining yourself in a club having the time of your life — the best you can do during this pandemic, am I right?

Piano keys carry a nice tune to introduce the following song, where the pure feel of desire can be felt in Bel’s lyrics in the following song, “Only in My Dreams I Hold Your Hand.”

Flower in the sand

You make my mouth water

I know you're hard to understand

But I want ya'

I see through

The front you made”

The music picks up after the bridge, as if the need for Bel’s need to hold the person’s hand, and be near them.

And finally, Bel ends the EP with “Clover,” a beautiful song about finding luck in summer, but fearing of it running out with the coming of winter. Finding love, finding a person when you were at your happiest, when it was brightest, only to lose it when it gets grey again. It’s fear, it’s sadness, it’s humanity. Oh, I'm scared about a future I don't know

“All the things I might not do

But it's easier with you

Oh, so lay with me enjoy the warmer days

Close your eyes enjoy the taste

Of our love that's still brand new”


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