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  • Mathieu Parent

SWMRS in Montreal

Sunday at the Club Soda was a busy night for the Montreal rock scene. Goodbye Honolulu, The Regrettes, SWMRS and The Interrupters took the stage to perform their music in one of the most entertaining ways-but I want to shine a light on SWMRS.

The band have been touring their album Drive North for over a year and it is now time to move on. This show being my first time seeing them live and probably the last for a while, did not disappoint at all. The sort of character and movement frontman Cole Becker emitted gave the performance an edge. The bands interaction with the fans was refreshing to say the least. I think the most impressive aspect of their set was their ability to use their platform, use their voice to stand up for what’s important. I have to say ‘impressive’ because there aren’t many artists who during their set take the time to call out sexual assault and to make sure that the show and everywhere else is a safe space for everyone. Also, supporting the black lives matter movement, the LGBT community, women in music and sending a ‘fuck you’ to Donald Trump is the way to use your voice when given a platform.

With Drive North being a well diverse group of songs, the boys using their voices whether its at their shows or online; you can clearly see that they are well aware of the matters going on in the world, that they are humble and caring, and that they want to create/do something good while being up there. SWMRS is a very dedicated, underrated and important band for knowing what they stand for and projecting that to whomever wants to listen.

Here are some photos from the show:

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