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  • Mathieu Parent

Unknown Mortal Orchestra @ Corona Theatre

New Zealand's psychedelic rock band Unknown Mortal Orchestra started the month of May by taking the stage in Montreal. Not only did they put on an amazing show, singer Ruban Nielson took it to a whole other level - the balcony and crowd of the venue. The musician made his way through the crowd while shredding the whole way, quite impressive! The interaction with the crowd and complicity with his fellow bandmates and crew seemed to be appreciated by the fans, it's not every concert you have the lead singer of a rock band play right in your face and beside you. Inevitable crowd surfing was also part of the gig, Not In Love We're Just High was a memorable one as people were carrying Ruban around the floor. The mysterious and complex songs of UMO are enough to capture your attention for a full 18 song set. Each song performance was just captivating as the other. If you have the chance to go see Unknown Mortal Orchestra live, do it!


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