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  • Mathieu Parent

Vampire Weekend's Comeback

The indie rockers that defined the 2000's guitar and quick wit era of music have revived. Vampire Weekend is alive, well and touring their classic tunes along with a variety from Father Of The Bride. The band performed in Montreal on Sunday September 8th after a hometown gig at Madison Square Garden. Although the venue is significantly smaller than MSG, Ezra reassured us that we were very loud, that we made them feel at home and vibrant like a Saturday night show.

Throughout this run of tour the setlist fluctuated within each city. Even with a 2 hour and a half set, many hits were missed. Unbearably White, Flower Moon, Big Blue were some from the latest release that would have been sweet to hear in a live setting. Modern Vampires of the City was well represented with Step, Unbelievers, Diane Young, Worship You, Ya Hey and as a brilliant request; Hannah Hunt. One song from the 2013 album that would've been a great addition is Obvious Bicycle. From Contra, I think playing the 2010 classic; Giving Up The Gun would have been a fun way to keep the crowd's attention during the second hour of the set. The debut self-titled album commenced with Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa; a fun way to get everyone to sing along about wanting to fuck. Bryn and the quintessential A-Punk was played (twice), missing songs like Walcott, I Stand Corrected and Oxford Comma. It definitely was a packed 28 song setlist with odd requests like A-Punk (again) and a Bruce Springsteen Cover (??). Thank you to the two other people who suggested reasonable songs such as Campus and Hannah Hunt and not a cover. You'd think after years of absence, having Ezra point you out in the crowd and ask for what song to play you'd say something exciting that hadn't been heard so far during the show.

Overall, standing and watching someone perform for 2 hours is long and quite exhausting - but looking back at the set, Ezra could've taken us in a journey of 5 hours for all we know and his "english teacher who also subs as a gym teacher" looking ass would've been accepted. Vampire Weekend promised the crowd that they would be back soon enough and not take another 5-6 years to do so. Let's hope that was true!


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