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  • Mathieu Parent

Weekly Discoveries: Alex Lustig, Zach Zoya, Telquist, Miro & More

Happy Monday everyone! This week, we're vibing with these six talented artists with different styles like hip-hop / rap, indie-rock and electro. Let's take a look!


Hip-pop, Montreal

This young artist from Granby released his first album back in September. He's now on every bus ad and billboards across the city of Montreal. Of course he's more than a discovery, but his latest music video for ''High'' got us back into his stuff. Now, grab a beer and enjoy this next song!

Henry G

Mellow-Rock, Vancouver

Last month, this new artist from Vancouver who now lives in Montreal just released his first album. Give it a try, it sounds great on a Sunday afternoon or just to chill out to! The song ''Who Am I'' has similarities to the band Bay Faction.

In his new album ''Anxiety Attacks'', Henry has assembled the best of his solo home recordings from the past four years into a concise and complete time capsule of his artistic growth and the influence and inspiration of residing in such an artist-friendly city. Every instrument and track was meticulously written and recorded by himself, who also mixed and mastered the songs, created the album artwork, and is releasing the songs on his new cassette-based label Wasted Wax Records. Anxiety Attacks is a fresh and engaging new collection ripe with playful lyricism, dynamic compositions and bold, melodic and magnetic guitar driven songwriting. All proceeds from digital and cassette sales of the record will go towards fighting systemic racism in Montreal.

Zach Zoya

Rap, Montreal

The young Montreal rapper that has been hailed as one of the 10 Emerging Canadian Artists You Need To Hear This June by Exclaim! just released his highly anticipated single “Slurpee.” Ahead of a prolific year, Zoya launched his DAYZZ OFF series, putting his nimble, rapid fire flows and replay-worthy rhymes on display with high-quality, diverse videos. From the start, Zoya has made an effort to stand out not only sonically, but visually. The self-described cinephile’s videos are imaginative and bursting with life, whether in the controlled, colorful chaos of “Who Dat,” the shadowy noir of “Superficial,” or the gleeful absurdism of his first single since partnering with Universal Music Canada, “Slurpee.” The track came to life spontaneously during a Montréal studio session on a scalding summer afternoon.


Indie-rock, Regensburg

Musician from Germany, Telquist released a new song called ''Taste''. If you are a fan of Milky Chance or Foster the People, you'll love it! The new single has also a music video and it just got over 4K views.

Alex Lustig

Electro, Antwerp

With recent productions for OVO, Alex Lustig is enjoying a career that is a far cry from his beginnings as a classical pianist in Antwerp. The Belgian producer has honed in on a signature tranquil trap sound. He has also built a solo catalog that includes serene instrumental ep's and adventurous pop collaborations. At 26, the producer already collaborated with Drake, French Montana and PARTYNEXTDOOR. His solo project ''Wave004'' is worth to play.

Prince Charli

Electro, Montreal

This producer from Montreal released his first song called Tangerine Dream. As soon as he started composing his own stuff, Prince Charli fell in love with sounds and developed a semi obsession on the noises surrounding him. The artist visited more than 20 countries before the age of 20, something you can understand and feel in this next song, a blend of different instruments from a few countries to create a hybrid of Organic Electro and Tropical Bass. Makes me think about Bonobo or Hologramme.


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