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  • Robert Gallardo

Wolf Alice at the 9:30 Club

Wolf Alice kicked off their North American tour in Toronto on Dec. 1 and made their way down to the historic 9:30 Club in Washington, DC on Dec. 8 after the release of their sophomore album ‘Visions of a Life’. I decided to fly from Florida to attend and shoot the show. Their sound is unique, representative of diversity and empowerment, and they did not disappoint live. They brought their rock angelic vibes to life and filled the room with euphoria. It was one of the most energetic shows I have attended to date. They are one of those bands that can make any sound their own. They first played one of their new songs, ‘Heavenward,’ a slow ballad that, just like the entire album, made the crowd feel like “moshing in heaven.” Then proceeded to rock out to one of the singles ’Yuk Foo’. Throughout the show, lead singer Ellie Roswell shared a few inspirational words. According to Roswell, one venue in England banned female fronted rock bands because they believed they aren’t up to the job. Wolf Alice proceeded to prove them wrong by giving the female fans at the front a massive shoutout for dancing and going crazy.

I had the pleasure to briefly chat with the band members after the show and they mentioned DC was really special for them and might have been one of their best American shows to date. Here are some pics from that night:

more photos by Robert


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