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  • Youmna El Halabi

Zach Zoya: Feelings — An R&B shift for a seductive energy

After quite the success with his debut EP, Spectrum, Montreal-based Zach Zoya is ready to share his talent with a brand new single.

From the outskirts of Montreal, Quebec, brought up in Rouyn-Noranda, emerges an R&B prodigy. Raised on African music fairly young, Zoya learned about the enigmatic beats of African drums from his father, who immigrated to Canada seeking solace, as he was escaping the rampant apartheid regime in South Africa. Zoya also learned about North America soul and pop music from his Canadian mother; and the eclectic nature of his own composition is a clear example of his upbringing. Not to mention that Montreal is a hub of culture in and of itself.

French is the rapper’s first language, but he’s been belting verses in English since the start of his career. He began covering songs by Kendrick Lamar and Drake. He established himself in the Montreal music industry by signing with 7ième Ciel, the go-to label for French rap. He also collaborated with platinum producer High Klassified, who also worked with TheWeenkd and Future. Zoya was a finalist for the FEQ Rising Star Award at Festival d’été du Québec, and cast his spell on the Montreal crowd in numerous performances at festivals like M for Montreal and Montreal’s famous international Jazz Festival.

Now, Zoya is here with this summer’s new hit: “Feelings.”

From the very first beat, you are as infatuated with the track as Zoya is with the woman across the room.

From the very first vocal harmony at the beginning of the song, you are hooked. You are moving your head to the strong beat of the drum, the R&B and soul feel of this lusty song—from the very first beat, you are as infatuated with the track as Zoya is with the woman across the room.

“All eyes on you you like it” is repeated throughout the chorus, and as Zoya sings the verse, one can hear a hint of smile in how he sings the words. As if he’s amused with either the woman for liking the attention she so effortlessly captures or himself for falling for her charm.


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