A Chat With: Hunny

November 15, 2017

Hunny joined Bad Suns on their Love Like Revenge tour, and we caught up with them before their gig in Montreal to discuss EP vs albums, fashion, and a lot more in between the banter! 





So you guys have been touring a bunch, and I’m guessing there’s been a lot of partying going on. Do you have any crazy tour story?


Jake: We don’t really have anything really that crazy. The most - we got dragged to like this weird thing in Chicago the other night that was a house DJ’s birthday party


Jason: “Dragged”, make sure that’s in air quotes


Jake: Yeah, ‘cause I ended up having a fucking blast


Jason: I wanted to go, I was super down! I think we all did. I definitely felt it the next day


Jake: It ended up being like a full disco party where they were playing disco records and stuff and it was really fun. We had a good time, and it got crazy


Greg: We’re not really that wild


Jason: I got pretty messed up that night. I was drinking beer, red wine, vodka, whiskey, a lot of malört, I had vodka sodas with Joey, and then I smoked some of that joint and got way too high and I was talking to our friend snake a lot actually. You can put that in there, that’s interesting enough


Joey: That’s like scratching the surface


Jason: In Chicago I got too high and talked to a snake. There’s your answer


That’s one of the good ones i’ve heard for sure. What do you guys love about performing live?


Jake: Gauging fan reaction is always fun, so like, we like to throw new stuff in the set to see if people are gonna dig it or not and it’s always kind of fun to see how fans react to stuff that we’ve been working on. I like trying to break new crowds, ‘cause going in front of people, and they don’t know who you are, it depends on the city, but a lot of times you get a lot of cool guy arm cross staring from the back guys, and if you can get people moving and nodding along and having fun by the end, then that’s the best feeling


Joey: Yeah, to like convert people. I like seeing the dude like this, crossing his arms, then by the last song he’s like “WOO” and jamming along


Greg: You gotta find one, and you gotta play to that guy


Joey: Some girl was falling asleep the other day when we were playing, she was literally like waiting for Bad Suns and then by the end of the set she was just like, having a blast. She was literally like, falling asleep on the barricade


You guys woke her up!


Joey: Yeah we woke her up. We shook her ass up


Jason: I like getting in the crowd and climbing on stuff when we play Televised now. That’s probably my new favourite part of the set


Is there stuff to climb on here?

Jason: I don’t think so, not really, I think I’m all out of luck here.

Jake: Besides the stairs, nothing

Jason: I can come off stage and walk up and down the three flights of stairs. But yeah, we love everything about playing, it’s fucking awesome, it’s so much fun!

Jake: That’s why we do it




How do you make your show memorable?

Greg: Being loud, giving it our all

Jake: Antics, we have fun

Greg: Having fun! We want to make it a fun experience for everyone, we want them to be having as much fun as us!

Jake: Scissor kicks, hitch tosses

Greg: Front flips, back flips, side flips

Jason: Crowd participation, treats, free t-shirts

Jake: We're developing a mascot, we’ll see what happens with that


Jason: We’re gonna get some cheerleaders


Greg: Yeah, that’s next up


Jason: I don’t know, we like making every show like, different. We don’t like doing the same thing every night


Greg: We definitely get personalized with how we spend our day in that city, that definitely feeds into how the set ends up going i feel


Jake: Tonight will be a classy affair


Jason: I don’t know about that


Joey: This rain got me feeling some type of way 


Jason: I’m already a little drunk, I’ll probably have some poutine, who knows, the night is young


Joey: Is there good poutine around here?


There’s one that’s a bit further down Mont Royal on another street, and it’s a 20 hour poutine place


Jason: 20 hours?


24 hours sorry!


Jason: I thought you meant 20, I was like what are they doing, they close for 4 hours?


Joey: You gotta cut the potatoes sometime


Jason: Some guy just like closes and takes a nap in the back or something and then just gets back into it. What was it called? 20 hour potatoe? 


Joey: Someone had buffalo chicken poutine from McDonald’s


Jake: Me! I never turn down buffalo chicken


Jason: No, why would you? Foolish!


The place is called La Banquise. And it’s not just classic poutine, they have a bunch of different kinds also.


Joey: Wild varieties


Jason: Pouten? Is that how you say it?




Jason: Poutine, hmm ok


Jake: Now that we’ve interviewed you, about poutine, let’s get back to your questions





How is your relationship with your fans?


Jason: Fuck ‘em, fuck ‘em all, we hate them 


Jake: They’re the best ever. I can’t believe anyone likes our stupid band


Greg: People fly to multiple shows and over multiple states it’s crazy. Mind blowing


Joey: We wouldn’t be anywhere without them at this rate. We’ve done our own thing with other people and without their following, nothing would’ve materialized after and it would’ve just stopped


Jason: Anybody who gives half of a shit about what we’re doing, fucking two thumbs up


A little random, but if your music were to be a soundtrack to a film, what kind of movie would it be?


Greg: Cars


Jason: Cars 3


Kevin: I’m voting Cars 3


Jason: Cars 4 because it’s not out yet. We’re the sound of the future. Love that answer, print it!


Jake: Or really any Disney, Pixar movie


Jason: But specifically Cars 4


Jake: If we can be the new Randy Newman I’d be stoked


Moving on to Windows I, what inspired the songs on that EP?


Jason: Oh my god! Thank you so much for not saying Windows ‘i’! Holy shit! You actually understand. Wow thank you for saying that, and I already forgot the question


Jake: The inspiration for the songs on that record


Greg: I think we went a little more 70s kinda style guitar-wise, like more power pop than 80s new wave


Jason: Power pop guitars then just trying to do weird things. Like in the chorus of Hallways there’s a skipping thing that we did


Joey: We used less chords and we used more singular notes


Jason: I don’t know necessarily where that came from


Greg: I think we tried to shred a little more


Jason: We definitely tried to write things that were harder


Jake: Step it UP the musicianship aspect


Jason: Try to be more complex. But I think the songs got simpler, but the things that we’re playing got more complex, which I think is a cool thing to try to do


Joey: What can you attribute that to


Jason: I have no fucking clue


Jake: To play anything that hard was a struggle, but you feel better being able to play something crazy


Jason: Yeah I don’t know, we just wanted to do some weird shit, I don’t know where it came from


Greg: We wanted to one up ourselves and do something totally different


Were you guys listening to any other music in particular when trying to write this?


Greg: Always, we’re always listening to music


Jason: I don’t think we started listening to anything different


Jake: There wasn’t one thing in particular, but like at the time, we listened to a lot of The Bravery, a lot of White Reaper


Greg: Tokyo Police Club


Jason: But again, those aren’t new influences on us


Greg: I think the big thing was the 70’s stuff, I think we were consciously trying to channel a bit more of that, like Bowie and shit





You guys have been asked when is the debut album coming out, but since you guys have been writing a bunch are you going to be releasing a bunch of EP’s?


Jason: That’s exactly the plan. Windows I is called Windows I for a reason. Fuck an album.


Jake: Windows II will be out soon enough, we just want to try to put out as much content in a short period of time as possible, ‘cause we always feel compelled to be writing music and we always feel compelled to be doing new things and to change it up so we feel as though that’s more interesting than putting a record out and touring for 2½ years on the same body of work when you can always keep it fresh for people and make it fun


Jason: There’s no need to make 12 songs that all sound the same when we can do 4 , 5 or 6 at a time and do something different each time


Joey: The platform that we’re on with the EP’s is such a nice place to be because you’re able to do different things every time. Even within the same EP we can extend ourselves this way or that way but as it goes along there’s a picture of where we’re at in time


Jason: A window, if you would


Joey: Yeah, a window in time, so it’s nice to be able to create, because we don’t have the pressure of having an album, we’re not forced to do it, it’s purely because we like doing it, and we want to do it


Greg: 2-year album cycle thing is very much a label thing, it’s perpetuated over years and years of what worked in the 80’s and then the 90’s, it’s the reason why the industry is bleeding out right now


Jake: People who like music, and listen to music and love bands want to hear new stuff from bands all the time 


Jason: And it’s mutually beneficial; we’re trying to make it so that we can just keep putting shit out all the time, so nobody’s getting bored. Fans aren’t getting bored, and we’re not getting bored. We want to just do whatever the fuck we want. If we wanna put house a fucking house EP, that’s just four on the floor drum machine with keyboards everywhere, who cares, so be it


Jake: It’s liberating


I think I remember someone saying if you put out an album, two weeks later people are already going to be wanting new stuff


Jason: That was probably me that said that, because it’s true. When we put out Windows I, a week later on twitter, people were sending like “where is the album, we want the damn album”. Like dude, we just gave you 5 songs. If you think about it, it makes more sense


Plus you’re constantly getting new music


Jason: Exactly we want it to be like, a shorter amount of time, still the same amount of shit


Greg: With the position we’re in, an EP makes more sense also to keep the wheels turning


Jason: Kevin says next question, let’s stop rambling


I want to talk about your fashion sense in the band. Do your fashion choices influence your music, or vice-versa?


Jake: That’s a chicken or the egg question


Jason: I like all of us having a look that goes with whatever we’re doing at that time, ‘cause i think that’s really cool to go all in on something. Like we’re super into 70’s power pop right now, so let’s all wear flared pants and blazers and shirts with ties and big sunglasses, I love that shit. We all have sideburns right now


Jake: All of us spend so much time together, and you’re constantly taking in the same things, and we’re working together to create things, so it all just ties in together and we all get interested in similar things at similar times. So it’s basically riding the wave together as a group. We all get stoked on the same stuff and end up liking all the same shit


Do you have any style inspirations in particular?


Jason: I don’t think there’s any one person


Joey: I think it’s more eras


Jason: Yeah, like places in time, New York in 1977


Greg: We’re also at such a weird place in the history of music, that there’s been all these very definitive eras of rock n roll to take in, so it ends up being an amalgamation 


Jake: It rolled in on itself


Jason: Short answer, New York 1977





To end things off, I have a bit of a speed round for you guys


Jake: Great, we’ll try to be quick, we’re not very good at that. Guys let’s keep it short and concise 


What’s your go-to karaoke song?


Jason: Frank Sinatra, That’s Life


Jake: I’ve been doing Smooth by Santana and Rob Thomas


Joey: I’ve only done karaoke once thanks to Jason, and I sang When We Were Young by The Killers


Greg: I would probably do Under Control by The Strokes


Kevin: I’d do This Charming Man by The Smiths, classic


Your favorite TV Reality show?


Jake: Mine right now, well I have a few, but if it counts, I’ve been watching all the “epicly later'd” on Viceland for years, but all the Viceland shows are rad. My girlfriend also makes me watch Bachelor in Paradise with her, and I’m actually really invested


Joey: I’m gonna put myself on the Bachelor Nation too


Greg: My girlfriend really loves Vanderpump Rules, very nuts show


Joey: I love the Bachelor, what about you Kev?


Kevin: I don’t watch fucking reality TV


Jason: I like home improvement shows, like property brothers, the fixer upper


Kevin: I like - who are the dudes that go find stuff?


Jason: The Dudesons. Kevin’s answer is The Dudesons


Your favourite tattoo on yourselves?


Jason: Jakes favourite tattoo is my pentagram on my nipple. Everybody’s answer is the pentagram on my nipple. Or on my butt cheek. That one says “666 Super Goth”. I won’t show you that one


Last one, you’re a new addition to a crayon box, what colour are you and why?


Joey: Brown sparkle, ‘cause that’s hilarious


Jason: That sucks, that’s the worst.


Jake: I can’t make up a colour. I like chartreuse. I also like cerulean


Jason: What’s that?


Jake: It’s like a blueish greenish. A little more on the teal side than the turquoise side. Like cerulean city in Pokemon!


Jason: If we’re talking like crayola box of 48, brick red. I love brick red. Like in the original box of 48, i love brick red


Greg: But what’s one that you’re adding to it?


Jason: Look, if I’m a crayon in a box, and the box is crayola 48, I’m a brick red, there you go. I don’t know if that’s an adequate answer to the question, but that’s my answer. 




Listen to Windows 1 HERE 






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