• Mathieu Parent

A Chat With: Fade Awaays

You can't be totally immersed in the local Toronto rock scene without knowing Fade Awaays. The young group made up of Reid MacMaster, Sean Hackl, Duncan Briggs and Owen Wolff took the time after their set in Montreal to sit on the side of a sidewalk and discuss how writing as a band works, their multiple musical influences and how they're going to tour the world!

I guess we can start with why is there 2 ‘a’s in Fade Awaays?

Reid: Google availability. Anybody that looks up Fade Awaays with 2 ‘a’s; we’re going to be the first thing that comes up. Its a matter of making it easier for people to find out music.

How do you guys write the songs for the band?

Reid: Its very much a group thing, it's really a collaborative effort, we all have these similar influences and a lot of bands that we’ll listen to together and discover together like ‘oh yeah you guys should check this out’ or ‘we should all listen to this song’-maybe one person will bring a riff but I’d say 80-90% of the song comes when we’re all four of us in the basement writing and trying to build on a song as a collaborative effort

Sean: Usually just one of us would come to practice with a riff and we’ll build it off from that and we’ll sometimes have lyrics, sometimes we don’t and we just figure it out. Sometimes we just write random rap songs

Duncan: Its kind of funny too, like four months ago Owen was still fresh in the band so a lot of our energy was back into getting the set that we want to play tight. We weren’t really writing too many songs and then we recently got a manager and he was trying motivate us and tell us plans for the future and then after that meeting we went downstairs and wrote like 5 songs

Sean: Yeah, we’re finally starting to get new content so that’s really good!

So music first then lyrics?

Reid: Lyrics will generally come last because when a song is being built we try and base the vibe around something and get the whole feel of the song and from that we’ll think of what the song can be about; like what feelings are we getting from this. That’s for me, I can’t speak for you guys cause we’re all lyric writers but I mean, for me I kinda hear a song and think of a message from how the song is being built and base my lyrics around that.

One of your more popular songs is Voodoo Girl, who/what is that about?

Sean: I actually wrote this song the summer of grade 11 and I don’t know, its not about anyone in particular but I guess it definitely is a love song. I wrote it in one day at my cottage and I just sat down and wrote it. It came naturally, its about

Reid: Its kind of about a confusing love

Sean: To be honest its about not being able to function properly when you’re drunk. It kind of says it all, loving someone that you can’t have and trying to get to that person

Duncan: That’s so beautiful

What inspires you to write the lyrics?

Sean: Again, we’re all lyric writers so I think it comes differently. Personally, sometimes I’ll just have an idea, like usually the riff comes first then i’ll come up with the melody and then it’ll come with words but I try to be as creative and add emotion to the lyrics as possible

Duncan: Some songs end up going together too. Like we can have one song that we’re not going really far with and it just makes sense to put it with another song. Get Along was a mix of one of my riffs and one of Reid’s riffs that we couldn’t finish them further than what we had already written so we put them together

Reid: I find writing lyrics as a story is really easy and having a character arc and having a development in the lyrics-not so much like the characters in the lyrics, if there is any, but I find there needs to be a progression that the listener can hear and go along with, you know what I mean? I don’t know if that makes sense

Duncan: Every tune is different too, it just comes and goes naturally

I think this is a fun one, what music inspires you? Like what bands?

Reid: Oh my goodness.

Sean: I think in terms of influences for this ba