• Mathieu Parent

La valse sauvage à guichet fermé

Choses Sauvages heated up the Théâtre Fairmount on February 8 with a memorable set highlighting their latest musical release. I think its fair to say that we have not stopped listening to their album since it was released in August and we were looking forward to seeing them perform again. When listening to their self-titled debut you enter an inevitable trance and that is exactly what happened when we entered the venue to the intro of Le palais des erreurs. The groove settles in you so naturally, at that point even if you have no idea what they’re singing about it doesn’t matter. The whole band is constantly moving on stage; you notice that they’re jamming and enjoying their time performing which makes it so much easier for the public to engage and feel their energy that leads to everyone having a brilliant time.

Choosing the right venue is something that isn’t always talked about and in this case, selling out the Fairmount was genius. The space is so wide, it truly accommodated everyone to dance their lives away to their synth, indie-pop 80’s inspired music. The synched lights and visuals emphasized and created a mood as if we were in a movie scene. No detail is put aside for this show, swords and Doritos are in the mix, Félix's impeccable flute playing and vocals are shining through, as well as having everyone on stage as they jam the last song of their set. If you want to dance, let loose and simply have an amazing time in the company of quality live music...find yourself a Choses Sauvages gig near you!

There's been many Montreal artists worth paying attention to in the past year and Choses Sauvages are definitely ones to watch. If you haven't already, listen to their music now!

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