• Mathieu Parent

'Les Nuits' au Francos

The thing I like about the Francos is that you get to see a variety of french genres. Music that you wouldn’t really think of going to see but since its there, you go and listen. Montreal has such a strong fanbase for all these french artists but especially for the french rap scene. Every time I go see a french rap show here in Montreal, I am always stunned and amazed by the people in the room. No matter what rapper from here plays a live show, 85% of the time it is completely sold out. There definitely is a movement happening in the rap queb. Labels are being created just for them, communities of artists and fans are built and to witness that in a live show is truly something special.

As a part of the ‘Les Nuits en collaboration avec Ici Musique' two hometown rappers opened for the hip-hop Belgian duo Roméo Elvis x Le Motel. The first act was FouKi who is also a part of La Fourmilière, which how I see it, the group is a type of Brockhampton or Odd Future formation and they all have other group or solo projects. As a solo rapper with the help of his MC QuietMike, he’s been getting loads of attention since the release of his album. He is undoubtably one to watch as one of the successors of rap queb. They had the crowd jumping and screaming back the lyrics, it was an obvious good time. Then came on stage rapper Joe Rocca who is one of the 5 members of the beloved group Dead Obies. FouKi and Joe presented their collaboration for the first time at the show before embarking in his own set. Last year, Joe Rocca released his debut solo album ‘French Kiss’ and performed the hits from it with fellow Dead Obies member, VNCE Carter. The set was short but constant in energy and fan interaction.

Now about the main act all the way from Brussels, Roméo Elvis and Le Motel. After seeing the duo at last year’s edition of the Francos, I couldn’t wait to see them again! Not only is their album Morale/Morale 2Luxe brilliant, experiencing it live is a whole other feeling. Its always pleasant to see an artist interact a lot with the crowd, pumping them up, getting reassurance that they’re having a good time and all without giving extensive speeches in-between songs. He brought out his sister, Angèle, for their collaboration on the ballad ‘J’ai vu’. Other collaborators; L’Or du commun and Caballero were on stage for different songs and then the whole crew was brought together for the party that is 'Bruxelles arrive'. Even if you were to go to a show of theirs, or any french rap show of that matter, and didn’t know the music, the beat making is impeccable and so are the texts that are sung/rapped. And with a responsive crowd like the one in Montreal, it’s the recipe for a great concert!

To listen to the artists from the show, click below!


Joe Rocca

Roméo Elvis x Le Motel

All photos taken by Coralie Daigneault

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