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  • Ic3y Mag Team

Top 35 Albums of 2017

This year was a big one for the music industry. Singles and EP's took over, but so many brilliant albums also got created. We tried to compile a list (in no particular order) of our favourite albums/EP's that were released during the year amongst all the different genres and artists. There are so many more that we could've added but we kept it short. We hope you will discover some new music along the way!

Check out our playlist with all our favourite tunes from these albums HERE

Visions of a Life - Wolf Alice:

Tyler’s pick

Reeling off the critical success of their debut My Love Is Cool, Wolf Alice returned with the same rock and roll ecstasy that made them stars, only bigger and better this time. The range of “Yuk Foo,” “Beautifully Unconventional” and “Don’t Delete The Kisses” cemented Wolf Alice as one of the most promising acts coming out of the UK right now. Never mind sophomore album syndrome, Visions of a Life is one of the most cool, necessary, heartfelt, angry and intoxicating albums of the past decade. Play: Beautifully Unconventional

Rennen - SOHN:

Mathieu’s pick

SOHN à été l’une de mes plus grandes inspirations de l’année. Comme sur son album précédent, il sait exactement comment agencer une voix précise et unique, à des synths magiques.

Play: Primary

Slow Wave - The Velveteins:

Coralie’s pick

Slow Wave is one of those pop, surf rock albums that flow so well and no matter how many times you listen to it, it still sounds so good. From the 'First Wave' till the title track outro, the Edmonton boys transport us to some seaside place where the sun never really sets and life is perfect. Slow Wave is the dreamy album that everyone slept on this year which is such a shame.

Play: All I Do

Yours Conditionally - Tennis:

Tyler’s pick

Indie rock’s most beloved married duo returned from their hiatus (where they sailed the Sea of Cortez together) with an early contender for one of the year’s best albums. Reminiscent of 70s morning radio, Yours Conditionally blends a retro sound with modern lyrics that play on gender norms in music and traditional romantic relationships. Outstanding singles like “Ladies Don’t Play Guitar” and “My Emotions Are Blinding” showcases the dichotomy that Tennis embodies best.

Play: Ladies Don’t Play Guitar

DAMN. - Kendrick Lamar:

Tyler’s pick

The most gifted rapper of our generation fuelled his career with the pain and harsh realities of growing up in Compton, CA. So this new positive-outlook era of Kendrick seems well-deserved. Brilliantly dynamic and timeless, DAMN. brought fun back to hip-hop before we even realized we needed it to.


Parallels - Nosaj Thing:

Mathieu’s pick

L’artiste est revenu deux ans après la sortie de «Fated» avec un album très social. Plusieurs collaborateurs tel que Zuri Marley, Kazu Makino de Blonde Redhead et Steve Spacek ont pu travailler sur cet opus qui nous fait voyager dans un espace nouveau.

Play: Get Like

LANY (Self-Titled):

Coralie’s pick

It took me a few listens before fully liking this album. Once you get past the cheesy lyrics, you realize that this is a very honest, raw and great pop breakup album. The instrumentals and the power of Paul’s emotions brought together created brilliant heartbreaking songs.

Play: Hurts

Landmark - Hippo Campus: Coralie’s pick

The sweetest, purest set of tunes ever. This is an album that will make you feel and there aren’t any words to describe that. Whether it’s Jake Luppen’s unreal vocals or the instrumentals or lyrics or how 'Sun Veins' flows perfectly into 'Way It Goes'; this album is melodious perfection.

Play: Buttercup

Something To Tell You - HAIM:

Tyler’s pick