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  • Joseph Blais

Music Video Release: Barber For the Queen's Speed Time Machine

Barber For the Queen premiere their latest music video, Speed Time Machine, the penultimate track off their second EP The Slide.

watch below

Shot like a home movie on a shaky camcorder, the video tugs at the viewer's heartstrings. However, from the very start it is clear the band don't take themselves too seriously. Despite the sentimental character of the song, the group dance around in speed lunettes and costumes at a bowling alley. They pose back to back at their keyboards in front of a bungalow, heads nodding in unison. Bolstered with footage from their summer 2019 tour, the video culminates in a sparkly performance in front of a raucous crowd. I feel nostalgic for a tour I wasn't even on.

Sonically, Barber For The Queen’s Speed Time Machine bears all the hallmarks of an 80s synth-pop track. From the opening analog pad to the throbbing, resonant synth bass to the gated samples of the drum machine, the track is a pitch-perfect pastiche of another generation. The track is tailor-made for the prom finale of an 80’s coming-of-age movie, ready to be sandwiched in between Nena’s 99 Luftballons and Lauper’s Time After Time. The protagonist rests their head on the love interest’s huge shoulder pads. "I wish you could make this moment last forever," he whispers. "I can," she replies. "With my Speed Time Machine."


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