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  • Mathieu Parent

The 50 Best Albums of 2023, According to Ic3y

Words: Mathieu Parent

Artwork: Florent Aniorte

As the sun sets on 2023, we’re thrilled to present our annual roundup of the year’s most groundbreaking and influential albums. This year has been an odyssey across a kaleidoscope of musical terrains, each marked by its own brand of sonic innovation. From Planet Giza's rhythmic tapestries to Debby Friday's electrifying universe, James Blake's ethereally beautiful compositions, and PinkPantheress's masterful blend of genres, this year has been a testament to musical metamorphosis and audacious artistic declarations.

The musical narrative of 2023 has been richly colored by an extraordinary amalgamation of unexpected comebacks and boundary-defying releases. Andre 3000 reemerged with an unexpected oeuvre that explored new sonic horizons. This year also celebrated 50 years of hip-hop, a genre that has perpetually reshaped our cultural soundscape, alongside the harmonious melding of Kaytranada and Aminé's artistry in the season's most notable collaboration, Kaytraminé. Further enriching this year's tapestry was Debby Friday's triumph at the Canadian Polaris Prize and Rihanna's Super Bowl comeback performance, signaling a much-anticipated return to the musical forefront.

In our compilation, we pay homage not merely to the music that has defined the past twelve months but to the visionaries who have continuously defied conventions and redefined artistic boundaries. These albums represent far more than aggregates of tracks; they are the narratives of our era, resonating with the collective joys, tribulations, and soul of a year destined to be immortalized for its vibrant and diverse soundtrack.

Sit back, put on your headphones, and let us guide you through the soundscapes of 2023. No order.


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