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  • Mathieu Parent

George Ezra staying in Montreal

Four years after his debut Wanted on Voyage, George Ezra now tells us the story of his stay at Tamara's. His return to Montreal was well awaited by everyone in the sold out crowd at the Corona Theatre. From Cassy'O till the last song, Budapest, George and his 6 piece band were the definition of happiness. You've never seen a band interact with one another, smile and dance that much, ever. Their energy and exhilaration was contagious and so amusing to watch. The band is a big part of the concert, having them be alive on stage made that concert experience better than any of us could've hoped for. Through the music, dance moves and speeches, George is a story teller that will keep you entertained and wanting more. His travels and impulses make up the songs from the two amazing albums he performed during the night which did not disappoint! His tour has just begun so you all still have time go to sing along, witness and feel what it feels like to be at a George Ezra concert!

All photos taken by Coralie Daigneault


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