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  • Mathieu Parent

MUTEK Montréal 2023: A Journey into Immersive Electronic Exploration

Are you ready to embark on a sonic odyssey that transcends the ordinary? If you're a true party enthusiast, craving the pulse of dance-filled rooms that stretch into the twilight hours, or if you're seeking an escape from the mundane, the 24th edition of MUTEK Montréal promises to deliver an electrifying experience like no other. For over two decades, this groundbreaking festival has been a haven for those in search of more than just music - it's a realm where technology and creativity entwine, where audio-visual performances etch themselves into your memory. From August 22nd to 27th, MUTEK's six-day programming will ignite the heart of Montreal with an array of dynamic artists, immersive showcases, and innovative experiences.

A Cheat Sheet for Your Festival Journey

Navigating the expansive landscape of MUTEK can be overwhelming, but fear not! Cult MTL has crafted a cheat sheet to help you make the most of this captivating event. Whether you choose to follow it closely or let serendipity guide you, there's something for everyone in this electrifying showcase of sound and visual art. Venturing into the unknown is part of MUTEK's allure, and this year is no exception. Don't be afraid to stumble upon a late-night show at the SAT and let the craziest names guide your choices. Artists like Hieroglyphic Being, the experimental Afrofuturism-meets-techno genius, are set to make your senses come alive.

Experimental Listening: A Unique Encounter

MUTEK introduces a novel experience this year with Experimental Listening. Imagine sinking into bean bag chairs within an intimate setting, surrounded by enigmatic lights and experimental IDM resonating through the walls. One artist to look out for is Ale Hop, a Peruvian talent who crafts soundscapes using real-time sampling devices and modular synths. Let the music transport you to uncharted territories, perhaps even the heart of the jungle.


For the rave connoisseurs seeking more than just beats, Paraadiso offers an intense and thought-provoking exploration. The collaboration between Italian DJ TSVI and multimedia sound wizard Seven Orbits promises to challenge your perceptions of techno and electronica, inviting you to delve deeper into the layers of sound.

Kyoka: Unveiling the Hardcore

Kyoka, the Japanese sound and installation artist, takes center stage with a hypnotic live set. Collaborating with Tokyo-based media artist Shohei Fujimoto, their performance delves into neuroscience and the human brain, creating an immersive experience that's sure to push boundaries.

Rich Aucoin's Synth Adventure

Rich Aucoin, the East Coast experimental pop guru, is set to stun with his Synthetic series. Exploring the possibilities of a historic synth collection, Aucoin's performance promises a unique blend of sonic experimentation and electrifying showmanship that's not to be missed.

Honeydrip and More

As the festival reaches its crescendo, local gem Honeydrip takes the stage, offering a fusion of experimental bass, house, and dancehall. With an eclectic lineup spanning electronica, breakbeats, ambient, and more, the night promises to be a journey through the myriad facets of electronic music.

From the moment the first beats echo through Montreal's Quartier des Spectacles to the final notes that resonate in the early hours, MUTEK Montréal 2023 is poised to redefine your understanding of electronic music and digital art. With a diverse lineup of international sensations and local talents, each day promises a fresh discovery, an immersive experience, and a memory to treasure. So, whether you're a dedicated party-goer or a seeker of artistic escapades, MUTEK's 24th iteration is your ticket to a world where technology and creativity merge in ways you've never imagined. Let your senses run wild, and let your inner explorer thrive at this year's MUTEK Montréal.


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