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  • Mathieu Parent

Review: What's Your Pleasure?, Jessie Ware (2020)

At the end of the month of June, Jessie Ware opened to us her world of disco with a modern twist; What's Your Pleasure?. The first 5:32 of the album, Spotlight, introduces us to all the levels that this record is going to give us. From moody to sexy with a steady groove; Spotlight is the perfect opener for gaining access to the Jessie Ware nightclub. This is the song that plays when you enter the club and you’re scoping out your entourage. The night is just beginning and you know its going to be a good one. Spotlight hypnotizes you, puts you in that disco trance where you’re constantly moving your body to the music being played.

We then fall right into the title track What’s Your Pleasure? This track is the one where you decide to move towards the dance floor and the atmosphere is full of seduction. It feels sweaty and hot. The sparkling sounding synth in the chorus after the lyrics “here together, what’s your pleasure?” with the inconstant electric guitar hidden at the end really ties the song together.

The third on the record was Ware’s third single off the album; Ooh La La. The shorter and simpler song compared to the other two is catchy and as a single, it's the one that got us hooked and wanting more. Soul Control comes in strong with the high and low arpeggiation and heavy bass line. Its time to bust out the moves to this energetic and lively song that builds up constantly to be finished with fading waterfall synths.

Save A Kiss’ more so techno beat is the perfect middle before moving onto another level of the club. After five dynamic and sensual songs, Jessie Ware opens the door to another room where the high energy feel is still present but slowed down in an increased sultry way.

When listening to In Your Eyes imagine sitting in the bar, or swaying, sipping on your drink looking at Jessie Ware in a dimmed purple light wearing a sparkling dress holding a vintage mic as the disco ball spins slowly. The toned down groove with the violins is very captivating and it becomes the most seductive song on the record.

Step Into My Life has the ability to bring people in with its beautiful strings mixed with a steady disco synthesizer rhythm. Read My Lips is your time to make your move, just like it's being sang in the song. A provocative and proactive kind of track with kisses being given all through it. The first single Jessie Ware released for this album was Mirage (Don’t Stop). It has a wavy and timeless feel to it. A powerful dance track to continue the magical trance that has been set on the LP as a whole.

The intensity in the intro of The Kill draws the tone of the song; passionate and raw. An all or nothing situation in terms of the lyrics accompanied by the growth in power towards the end of it. What’s Your Pleasure? finishes with its most soulful and touching performance; Remember Where You Are. The choir coming on during the chorus’ brings a whole new spirit and strength to wrap up the night spent on the dance floor.

Jessie Ware created a world within her record. A world filled with moments of pleasure, entertainment and self expression. She fully embraced the fact that pop music is majorly inspired by the past at the moment and is continuing to lift spirits with its effortless joy and power. What’s Your Pleasure? is a modern day dance disco album that will keep you moving and feeling lust or love the entire 53:19 minutes.


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